Thursday, November 15, 2018

BJJ Scout's BJJ Digest #85 - Barber Wants Dern, Ryan Wants Werdum, Royce and Son have story time with Ariel

Werdum vs Hulk was an abomination (see the comic book reference?)

Dern I don't think ever fights for the belt. She's too busy looking like she's walking around at my walking weight to fight and make weight again or challenge for a belt down the road.

I'm doing Advanced Adult division this weekend @ Grappling Industries. Anyone in NYC who's there, hit me up. Busy weekend with a Naga and the NY Open & Grappling Industries all in the same weekend and a UFC with Magny vs Ponzinibbio down south of the border et cetera. Darren Elkins returns to action, and Bellator brings a card to us tomorrow night. What a time to be a combat sports fan...

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Kasai 4 Results & Reflections 

Arrived in time for the first undercard bout. The undercard in general were mostly tight matches decided by a sweep or a guard pass, with a number of submissions occurring. It's always interesting to see guys doing superfight who don't even bother to compete in any of the local/nyc area open events. It typically shows in their performance as a number of the guys wouldn't even win the Grappling Industries Manhattan bracket for their belt/experience. But, I digress. Tony Bergamo and Silvio Duran had a spirited affair with some bottom guard retention resembling kicks to the chest and face, and some rough collar ties and chest thumping, complete with celebrating winning by a sweep that was escaping a back take, and acting like it was winning the Worlds or something. Anyhow, Junny and Rey had a rematch or a third match or whatever, much like their Finishers match, Junny dominated positionally and racked up points, but with no overtime in place as at Finishers Sub Only, picked up a win whereas in the OT at Finishers he lost via RNC with Rey on his back. Rey is apparently opening up 10th planet NYC in early 2019. News came shortly before the main card began that due to NYSAC blood test stipulations, Gordon Ryan's match with Matheus Diniz was off (go see his Igram post about it for a succinct explanation, I don't want anyone to say I misquoted him or misrepresented what happened because there's enough internet trolls misrepresenting what happened already). Kasai did announce an event in Dallas featuring Gordon Ryan vs Joao Rocha for February which is exciting news, as well as 2 more add'l events (a qualifier - though they did quietly cancel the last qualifier the week of, and they announced an Open EGC event). TBH, I started planning to leave early once I saw that Gordon's superfight was cancelled. The bracket played out largely how I expected with Paulo and Gianni and Augusto scoring points and safely winning bracket matches to head toward the final. Augusto came out for his match with Gianni with a limp, tried to shoot a well-timed takedown, but no points, and Gianni attacked some wrist locks from closed guard in an effort to eke out some submission attempt points, but by and large, the Grand Prix matches while tightly contested at points basically resembled NoGi Worlds matches with little in the way of leg lock or submission attempts and mainly passing efforts by more experienced black belts. Crelinsten picked up a win via submission attempt points over Kim Terra, Bruno Frazatto hurt his knee in his first match with Geo Martinez (I couldn't see by the angle if it was a leg entanglement, or as a result of a toe hold attack by Geo). Honest opinion, Geo took some bad calls (1 definite, another more questionable) at this event. Overall, like the 155 Grand Prix, there were no submissions this time around (the 155 had one submission when Celso Vinicius guillotined Enrico Coco).

I left before the Canuto vs Vagner match because if I'd waited around and had to take the express train home after watching Canuto backpedal and slap, and shuck and jive for nearly 6 minutes like last time they had a match, I would've been pissed. So I headed home after the conclusion of the grand prix matches. Lutes beat an outmatched opponent with a north-south choke.
Glad I was there to support east coast pro grappling/jiujitsu/whatever/this format, and the Hammerstein Ballroom is a legit venue for an event. I remember before the IBJJF events were even held every month, so to be in NYC at a venue like Hammerstein Ballroom, with UFC's on every weekend almost, and with Pro events held under a variety of rule sets now, it's pretty cool that this is the norm now for being a fan of grappling.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

The myth of being respectful in BJJ

A lot of old school guys with businesses, and affiliations, and reputations to protect seemed concerned about all this trash talk in JiuJitsu. This is the sport where we literally aim to strangle or cripple our opponents if necessary. It’s also a sport that proved its efficacy by fighting it out with other styles that all those previous behind the Wizard of Oz curtains and claims of being too deadly and all that silliness was just smoke and mirrors. Helio brought a coffin to the match with Kimura. Count Koma proved grappling was great and that his knowledge AND application was superior wherever he went by throwing down from city to city. There’s a soft period in JiuJitsu these days with guys who haven’t fought opening up schools, guys who rarely if ever roll with their students, and random McDojo esque grappling schools far and wide. Guys who want to cry foul because someone else is out there laying claim to being he greatest and trying to back it up. If you doubt what someone like Gordon says, challenge him. If you just want to have an opinion congrats, the sport is grappling not "I don’t like what you’re saying." Helio had to prove it out there under the lights and anyone today who says talking trash or laying down the gauntlet isn’t at the heart of BJJ should pick up a history book. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Schedule Set for Kasai 4 Tomorrow

Hannette Staack talks brass tacks for Female BJJ Athletes (and thoughts on guys demanding pro athlete pay) 

Real talk. A number of events have been and are paying male/female athletes equally and really though, this is bigger than gender: JiuJitsu athletes want to be paid like pro athletes but there’s almost nothing professional about them other than hours on the mat. The Spyder Invitational? Guys getting paid for literally two matches and coasting in one of the matches at that. Lemme score a sweep and stall with a minute left. Lemme tie this guy up in lapels and win on an advantage. And expect people will want to see it? Spare me.
ACB was a canary in the coal mine. The boring ass Gi matches and 50/50 stall fests literally shuttered an event paging dozens of guys who’d hardly been ever paid by the IBJJF until the semi new Pro events. Dudes cry about the IBJJF and show up and put on boring AF Superfights more boring than two blue belts I coach on Thursday night. Spectator sport? Paid like a pro sport? Who are you kidding?

I tried watching the event and was literally bored and tired of the quality of the stream prior to even making it to the superfight where Werdum and Hulk both said the usual "I'm coming to finish him" and "it's going to be a war." Man, if I had a scoop of BCAA's for every time a guy said that then put on a *&^%ing snoozefest of a match, I'd be a lot less sore, that's for sure.

Masakazu Imanari vs Nicky Ryan @ Polaris 8