Sunday, September 23, 2018

Subversiv Results - 10th Planet gets the Win over ***

Solid event overall. Some pretty severe mismatches in the sub only/heel hook skill set as people managed to get one handed extending away heel hook finishes and other such nonsense but it is what it is. Superfights had some flare even in the Gi matches. Solid night of grappling entertainment. 


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Nothing so fragile on earth as a "UFC title shot" - Volkov Edition 

The only thing the UFC hates more than someone consistently winning decisions is actually saying and sticking to someone getting a title shot. Number 2 and 3 fight in a division? Does the winner face the champ? Depends. My favorite is when a guy is on a win streak and he’s facing a guy with a loss and White has literally said if coming off a loss and winning on fight doesn’t lead to a title shot but for a guy to beat a guy coming off a loss he could still then earn a title shot. Or that Brock Lesnar is fighting for a title which just invalidates any claims as to efforts to keep the belt and getting a crack at is as some sensical, orderly, legitimate process. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

BJJ Digest Episode # 61 - FloGrappling Snubs Gordon, DDS Fallout, Quintet 3 Coming in Hot

All I'm gonna say is that the internet is way behind on actually knowing what's been going on and for how long because this is just coming out now.

Gordon is spot on about FloGrappling opting to not cover him/omission....if anyone else competed at black belt for the first time and went double gold finishing all of their opponents at the 2nd biggest IBJJF NoGi tournament of the year they'd be tripping over their feet racing to gag on their dick. Imagine if Cobrinha's son had done the same feat? They'd line the figurative office with guys wanting to give him a handjob. Gordon does it and they barely mention it. ANYHOW, Quintet is also coming up along with the Subversiv card next weekend. What a *&^%ing time to be a grappling fan? Onnit invitational was this weekend? We had 2 kneebars/hamstring stretch/Suloev Stretches in one UFC, and there's Kasai 3 coming in November. *&^% Yeah.

Quintet 3 Announces Nicky Ryan vs Hideo Tokoro Superfight 

Before he faces Ashley Williams for the Polaris featherweight title, Nicky Ryan has a superfight at the first USA location Quintet in Las Vegas. My work schedule has had me missing a ton of training at Renzo's as of late, but Nicky's never not training, and whether something is booked or not, the grind never stops in the blue basement. Interested to see how the styles clash (assuming there's no heel hooks for this one? TBH, haven't heard as to submission legality), but at any rate, it's quite a slate of big names that night in the teams facing one another from the 2 reigning winning teams and the addition of other big names like Team Alpha Male and the returning members of Team Sakuraba.