Sunday, May 5, 2019

BJJ Scout's BJJ Digest: Vieira MMA, Teams want Keenan to commit (shocker), et al

Worlds body for Keenan coming in hot.
Rodolfo competing far away in MMA against a jacked looking guy.
Keenan says overlords at gyms want Keenan to wear their patch if he prepares for Worlds there (disgusting, right? hahaha shocker).
Polaris books Craig Jones vs Matheus Lutes. Nicky Ryan vs Faber still on tap for May 25th Polaris.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

BJJ Scout's BJJ Digest: Tonon Recalls Keenan Poach Effort for TLI, Craig Jones gonna Craig Jones, et al

Ah, the good ole Brown Belt Kumite days, prior to the college gang rape thing coming out about Master *****, the NYE rape case, the DJ Jackson case, the well, was a younger, more naive time in JiuJitsu, Master ***** laying low these days, reaaaaaal low, in fact, even when he corners guys in the UFC or on the contender series he's clearly not trying to be caught on camera (this is a guy, if you'll recall, that promoted Dominic Cruz to blue belt inside the Octagon after a fight and clearly loved the spotlight prior to the outing of all the problematic stuff surrounding his team....)... anyway, I've digressed.

DJ won't ever win a world title because, well, you can't pass guard on both knees with your head in the crotch for 7 minutes. Spriggs can't get past Keenan's lapel/worm guard, and who else is there? Shane?
Dude won and literally no one cared because his team is the penultimate black sheep of the JiuJitsu community. I guess, at the end of the day, it does matter not only what you do but how you do it, and more so...with whom you choose to surround yourself....and training with such a problematic team has tainted any success that may come their way at times.

The ole proverb goes: the rot starts from the top.

BJJ Scout's BJJ Digest: Tonon Featherweight debut, Agazarm Points Needle @ Cobrinha, Ralph Gracie & Alleged Accomplice Charged

Thursday, April 18, 2019

BJJ Scout's BJJ Digest: Keenan Forging his Own Path, Keenan asked to move over for Kaynan?, Gabi vs Tayane

Alert anyone suffering from insomnia! Frank Mir has a Submission Underground superfight! Can't sleep?!?! No problem. That match will do it just like his previous matches have. You'll be asleep by the end of regulation or your money back.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Stuart Cooper's Keenan Cornelius "I want to be unique"

A bit more apropos on the heels of his leaving/being asked to leave/whatevs....

But I'm still a fan, still a fan of anyone who's innovating and/or maximizing the game in a specific area (IE: grip specific Gi training).