Sunday, January 12, 2020

Takedowns for BJJ: Seionage/Shoulder Throw (in competition, breakdown, various grips in live training)

As per usual, opens with a clip of me hitting it in JiuJitsu competition (proof of concept under the JiuJitsu ruleset) then breakdown of the Ippon/Lapel version while standing then me utilizing various grips in live training while both standing and kneeling.

It's important to differentiate between practicing the move, hitting it live in Judo or other rulesets, and hitting the move successfully in rulesets with leg grabs. Modern Judo bans leg grabs so the posture and obstacles to hitting it in JiuJitsu are considerably different than Sambo or Judo rules.

It's easy for someone who's competed at a high level in wrestling, Sambo, or Judo to theorize about throws in JiuJitsu or submission grappling when they're not operating with the option of an opponent to sit, jump guard, attack a flying submission or look for a choke et cetera. It's a very different set of circumstances within which to operate. That's why anything I teach is something I've hit in JiuJitsu competition, MMA, or submission grappling competition.

UFC 246: McGregor vs Cowboy Countdown Full Episode

It's tiiiiiiiime. Wow, fight week. He's actually back.

Can't wait.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Kneebar Bonanza - Add'l Concepts (competition footage & analysis)

Thoughts on setting up your backstep into the legs as most semi competent competitors these days shouldn't sit around with their legs ready for the picking, but, I still have success getting the reactions that make the backstep feasible. From the legs laced/ashi garami/saddle/whatever you call it, I break down some side on kneebar attacks I use against guys with longer legs/frames with or without heel hooks allowed and with one or both of the legs opponents' legs inside

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Kneebar Bonanza - 2 Successful Kneebar Concepts (competition footage & analysis)

I've included footage of myself and one of the guys I coach utilizing 2 common concepts at play in a systems based approach to kneebars:
2 basic concepts that have success in competition - 1) hiding the kneebar entry behind an upper body submission as the opponent reacts and 2) shooting the bite on the hips/knee as the opponent flees/leaves their leg behind

More concepts to follow and a systems based approach to untying their legs as they triangle to defend the kneebar. Enjoy.

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