Friday, June 28, 2019

Busy Wrap-Up in Combat Sports

Like that guy who stops training when he gets a girlfriend, once I was able to start semi training live again/positional rounds, the blog posting fell off as you can see, but posts will semi begin to come again regularly.

Artem Lobov won a moral victory over Malignaggi. The bare knuckle card overall moves quickly, is almost entirely entertaining, and totally worth ordering if you haven't. 10/10 will watch/support again.

Moicano got staaaaarched by Korean Zombie who really is one of the best in the division with an iron chin, gas tank for days, and striking + submissions on his resume.

Midwest Finishers 2
Tackett picked up a slick calf slicer win. Saw a sharp shoulder lock from body triangle, back strangle/RNC finish and a minimal amount of leg entanglements overall compared to other "submission grappling events" with endless leg pommeling that gets nowhere. The bracket was largely evently matched in terms of skill in that there weren't a lot of immediate 45 second heel hook blowout wins when some random blue belt faces guys with a lot more experience or who train at a much higher level gym. Either the level overall is rising (slowly but surely) and/or this bracket just happened to have a deeper talent pool from which is drew applicants.

Meregali loop choked Cyborg after Cybory stayed on all 4s/knees stalling for too long. Meregali almost loop choked Keenan twice at Worlds, so it wasn't a huge surprise, nor because Cyborg hasn't competed in the Gi in any open divisions in quite awhile.

The Third Coast format was confusing because grappling commentary sucks sh$t, so with it muted I was confused by the coin toss to determine who chose a position after matches where one guy was up on points, but whatevs, let them tweak the rules in an effort to produce excitement. The vast majority if not almost all of the main and under card bouts went to decision, but le sigh. At any rate, we've got the summer starting up, and now it's a matter of looking ahead to ADCC. Finishers is doing a 135 lb mens division again (my weight class but I'm quite a ways from competing again as I rehab my knee from ACL/meniscus surgery), and a womens 125 lb division. 

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