Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Takedowns for BJJ: Lucas Lepri Lapel Single leg (plus some single leg counters)

Due to its versatility in coming up from bottom, it's ability to drag down and score against high level guys, and the ease with which the lapel is often available (can switch off to a collar drag et cetera), this is one of the first takedowns I each students wanting to develop a takedown game for BJJ. I've seen it used from seated up to standing by Cobrinha, from standing by Lucas Lepri, I've seen it used at HW by Rodolfo Vieira: it passes all the metrics for verified as working against high level/knowledgeable opposition.

This counter works whether they grab your belt/over the back (as Canuto did vs Lepri in their match) or in NoGi if they're able to lock up a kimura to force you overhead to counter:

This is a sequence I use against guys who lunge for the single leg with bad posture, and rather than disengage, I want to play the margin, and make them pay for initiating a takedown from inferior posture:

I find it's helpful to have some options other than the back attack or the kimura system as a lot of guys have been using these systems with the spread of information across YouTube and various instructionals. I find this option to bicep crush/kimura, a stepover kimura, and the Tarikoplata are my favorite submission oriented options for guys who keep their back to the mat to prevent the backtake. I use the submission threat to force them to create back exposure and not just hide out.

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