Friday, October 5, 2018

Quintet 3 - Most Entertaining Sub Grappling Event of all time (Miesha Tate Cringe Worthy Commentary nonstop)

It was apparent a few minutes in that Miesha Tate had no idea who Nicky Ryan was. Her comments from "an up and coming prospect" to "I think facing someone as experienced at Tokoro will good for him" fell into that feeling like she has an assistant who did some internet research at Starbucks and gave her some buzzfeed worthy level assessments of various competitors to plug in during air time. She told us Frank Mir would "bend legs all sorts of ways." I typically mute the commentary for grappling events because they literally grab some random MMA fighter with minimal grappling acumen or sport grappling knowledge (remember the Onnit Invitational when they guys goes "y'know, I'd like to see them standing up, the fight is different when there's strikes involved" - while he's drinking from a red solo cup and becoming noticeably intoxicated), but this was atrocious. I literally muted the commentary at by the time Nicky Ryan's match with Tokoro had started.

Tokoro found himself in hot water as he elected to turn away/turtle during one of Nicky's first guard pass attempts. From the back take, he almost immediately got one arm trapped by Nickly and succumbed to an RNC that most people who visit Renzo's in NYC experience their first training session in live training.

Predictably: Urijah Faber can barely launch a submission attempt against Sakuraba who is probably my dad's age. Jaoude or whatever his name is the world class wrestler also predictably draws in his match with Nakamura.

Gordon Ryan triangles Josh Barnett after sweeping him from butterfly guard like a small child.
Ryan RNC's Marcos Souza.
Satoshi is in FULL defense mode and smartly runs down time and survives, but is the last of his squad so his team loses even though he gets some moral victory by simply surviving, I guess.

PJ Barch armbars Vitor Shaolin in what is his most legit win of his career thus far....leading to Team Polaris vs Team 10th Planet playing out like this:

Barch armbars Shaolin. Gregor kneebars PJ Barch. Geo kimuras Gregor. Held kneebars Geo. Boogeyman armbars Marcin. Craig Jones ankle locks Boogeyman. Craig Jones RNCs Sachnoff. 

What a time to be a grappling fan. Reread that description above ^^^^. Mind. Blown.

The face cover nightmare face crush ala Vagner Rocha to set up the RNC was in full effect all night long.

Team Alpha Male vs Team Polaris
Predictably, Akbari and Strauss draw.
Predictably, Khera smothers and lays on top of Held for a boring draw. He semi goes for a kimura at the end of the match to pretend like he was treating this like it was sub only, but y'know, those of us who train know what we're watching.

Jones takes the high level wrestler guy's back and he literally does nothing to defend the RNC and taps almost immediately.

Then we get a Gordon Ryan vs Craig Jones rematch. Ryan survives a dangerous guillotine attempt from Jones to get the RNC then faces Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro whom he armbarred after some RNC strangle attempts. Gordon Ryan faces Gregor who’s the last on his team so he has to win by submission and then finish Urijah to pull it off for Team Polaris.
Ryan hits an arm drag to eventually pass then settle for top position with Gregor on his side underneath then flattened. Gordon steps over to mount where the end has begun for most of his opponents during the evening.
They reset for stalling with Ryan working for the strangle. Inexplicably.
Gregor and Gordon go to a draw and this knocks out Gregor as the last of Team Polaris competitors giving the title to Team Alpha Male takes it as this knocked out the last of Team Polaris’ competitors. 

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