Thursday, March 7, 2019

Unpopular Opinions

Based on the % of black belts popped by USADA  (utilizing advance notice/one day per year testing at IBJJF), no less than 20% of the sport is juicing at the black belt level.

Masters Worlds is full of guys who look like cartoon characters at 40+ years of age.  (see above *ahem steroids and PEDs).

You can't be a competitor in a spectator sport and blame any criticism of your matches being boring by saying "you can't appreciate the nuances of high level grappling." Nah, you don't need to be a black belt to not be fooled by two guys both doing as little as possible to not lose and get paid and barely engaging for 10 minutes.

Quintet doesn't allow heel hooks because most guys wouldn't sign up if there were heel hooks.

If anyone else had shown up first day at black belt adult and won double gold with that many submissions, IBJJF would be gagging to death from slobbing their knob, but because it was Gordon Ryan there was less coverage. If Gordon had DQ'd himself by slapping and stalling anyone it would've been the biggest story in JiuJitsu, but instead we got fanboy worship justifying Cyborg's behavior instead of holding him to a standard befitting his accomplishments and all the usual talk about the sport and respect and honor and other BS.

UAEJJF is coming for IBJJF's status at the premier event (warm-up areas! Cash prizes! Earth shattering concepts, I know.)

If JiuJitsu becomes an Olympic sport, the podium will look different thanks to out of competition testing. It might be Jesus and hard work but it's also anabolic steroids and HGH and diuretics.

ADCC isn't a JiuJitsu tournament. It's not even a submission grappling tournament. It's a wrestling tournament that allows submissions.

TLI is keeping a low profile hoping the #metoo movement blows over and skips JiuJitsu.

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