Friday, October 7, 2011

Your Martial Art Sucks (Accept it)

Grab my wrist. No, my other wrist.

Much like talking to a devout Christian or a devout Atheist, talking to a hardcore TMA (Traditional Martial Artist) about a lot of their beliefs regarding fighting is usually a waste of time. Even getting them to admit they might be wrong is a tough feat indeed.

It's hard to admit you've wasted years of your life and that you are probably no better at defending yourself in a fight/dangerous situation than you were before.

On that note, having gone through that myself, coming from Wing Chun to amateur boxing to muay thai to MMA, get over it.

Vale Tudo fights in Brazil put to rest the idea that eye gouging will defeat a grappler (Zulu tried it and Rickson "put the choke to heem, man"). As a side note, taking someone down in a street fight isn't always the best option other. I got my bottom right rib broken via soccer kick to the back after I took down a guy in a street fight and his buddy ran up on me.

At any rate, as a tribute to TMA's versus MMA and such, here we go:

Wing Chun Master versus former UFC fighter David Loiseau's corner man (seriously)

Having been soundly choked out inside of a couple min's, a ninjitsu practitioner is now ready to use his deadly techniques.
Q: What will happen?
A: Mata leon inside of 40 seconds.

Wing Chun vs Muay Thai with predictable results

Are TMA practitioners better prepared than someone who knows nothing?
Are they as deadly as they like to walk around thinking?

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