Sunday, February 18, 2018

EBI 15 Featherweights Recap & Analysis: Calestine Cruises

I picked 6 of the 8 first round match-ups correctly. Called Calestine cruising through to the win. I doubt Geo does 145 again and I def don't think he wins it again. He had the easier side of the bracket and still seemed to struggle to get to the final. He's tough to finish and has some solid parts to his game with the leg drag/truck entry style back take position but would have really struggled on the opposite side of the bracket. Yet again, guys (Domingos and Honstein) lost matches by not preparing for the arm crush/leg lace bicep armbar position that Geo popularized against Eddie Cummings in his win at 135. 
Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Several cannon fodder matches in the first round for some very slick leg lock finishes but for anyone who trains at RGA, honestly, not very high end. That sounds condescending but it's the cold, hard truth. Guys spinning the wrong way to get out or basically falling directly into the leg lace position. It was another event that seemed to suggest that very few squads have benefitted much if at all from the dearth of Internet experts breaking down RGA squad footage and various tournaments. This arms race is still not even competitive for the most part. The leg lock entries and finishes were not spectacular instances of breaking through smart resistance, but rather first or second wave responses. Keep studying that footage guys, a long way to go. Calestine made it look easy. Having trained with the guy and seen the work and time he's put in through injury, letdown, and otherwise, my hat off to him. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

EBI 15 Brackets & Predictions/Eddie Cummings Out-Calestine in

My quick thoughts: Calestine takes the left hand side of the bracket. Outside of Geo on the right hand side, the right hand side of the bracket is a tad easier. Domingos looked flat his last outing, Berbrich and the others haven't blown me away in any past footage I've seen. Sergio may catch someone with his strange guard that he gets to from a donkey guard like entry, and win his first round match. It's a tough game to prepare for or adjust to on the fly (was fortunate enough to roll with him at Baret Yoshida's school whilst visiting San Diego last fall. Calestine is my pick, not because  he's RGA associated but because I've rolled with him, and recall him skating through the Onnit and Finishers Sub Only Invitaionals. First round picks are: Calestine, Hayden, Battle, Davila, Geo, Sergio, Domingos, and Berbrich. 2nd round  Davila beats Battle, Calestine beats Hayden, Geo beats Sergio, and Domingos beats Berbrich. Calestine beats Davila, Geo beats Domingos, and Calestine beats Geo. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Attack the Back Profiles Polaris 6 for This Upcoming Weekend

CLICK HERE for a solid run down of the various competitors filling out this card this weekend: 

EBI 15: Featherweights - Countdown Special

Polaris 6: Prologue Episode 1

Imagine if every woman who signed the petition to open the Masters 1-7 at IBJJF (where already a ridiculous amount of medals given out are participation or show up and face no one medals), actually ordered this PPV and supported an event paying women competitors to do JiuJitsu. That would make waaaaay too much sense. Anyone complaining about the IBJJF in its varying degrees and not shelling out their money to support other events is just that....a complainer.

Polaris 6 Card Order & Broadcast Times