Monday, November 4, 2019

Monday Morning UFC 244 Hangover: Bad Beats and Turnarounds

Well, some guys I thought were fading re-asserted themselves to some otherwise upwardly mobile looking fighters.

Thompson, despite fist bumping Luque after side kicking him onto his butt twice, also punished him with straight right hands and ran away on the score cards with rounds 2 and 3 in an increasingly one-sided affair.

Lee exposed Gillespie's still developing stand-up with a violent headkick KO.

Arlovski got slept by a big up n' coming HW.

Tavares got put away by Shahbazyan.

Masvidal had the answers for Nate's style (leg kicks, controlling the clinch, power shots to the head and body, and circling off and out of most of Nate's power shots) and was taking the fight downhill for Nate by the stoppage and hadn't accumulated the amount of damage that normally begins to sway Nate's way midpoint through a fight.

Gastelum looked oddly flat, or Till just stylistically matched up well with him and minus a terrible weight cut. Both men looked not super enthused about a real barnburner of a fight (Gastelum coming off of that 5 round battle with Adesanya and a long layoff and Till coming off of 2 violent stoppage KO losses).

Derrick Lewis beat Blagoi in a super rare loss for Blagoi in a contested fight with Blagoi probably doing more volume but Derrick throwing the more visually judge impressing shots. 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

UFC 244 Picks & Predictions: Masvidal vs Diaz

Masvidal vs Diaz
Masvidal for all this characterization is actually a very, very, very shrewd tactician. He has consistently proven that behind his toughness is actually a very clever gameplanner. For all the talk about this being about two very tough guys, the gameplan to beat Diaz has been laid out several times already. Chop the leg, circle off. Diaz's lack of wrestling acumen and one dimensional stand-up (while dangerous and effective) is the kind of thing that someone as sharp as Masvidal has clearly been able to dissect and train back into effectiveness his kicks. He has used them sparingly in some recent fights due to who he was fighting, but I expect to see his chopping high on the calf/knee kicks return. Masvidal doesn't wind up big on his kicks, and as he doesn't have to worry about Diaz kicking him much or shooting, I expect that lead leg of Diaz will be tenderized considerably by the close of round 2.
Masvidal via leg kick TKO in the 4th round

Gastelum vs Till
Gastelum by chopping right hook following a straight left with Till ending up heavily concussed from another head snapping back onto the canvas falling dead tree KO.

Luque vs Thompson - Thompson will try to run and pointfight as per usual, but I see Luque tagging him at least twice in the fight by round 2, and possibly putting him away in the 3rd in a fight that will be as ugly as Thompson and his summer olympics running around style will make it. Luque by stoppage in round 3.

Ivanov vs Lewis
Ivanov has fought ugly patient fights, but his patience here will be his undoing. Ivanov came into the UFC and immediately faced Cigano in a 5 round affair, but I see the work rate allowing "balls was hot" Lewis to work and chop at him and hurt him. This is the hardest one to call because Lewis as we know has finished guys in fights he was WAY behind on the scorecards.
Lewis by stoppage in the 3rd round.

Gillespie vs Lee
Gillespie by decision in a bodylock/clinch heavy affair with him pressing Lee against the cage, and riding him Khabib/one hook in + body lock style

Anderson vs Walker
Walker by violent KO in the 3rd round. Anderson will likely get him down in the first and possibly second round, and if Walker panics, finishes him, but otherwise Anderson tires from holding/keeping down the physically unpolished but explosive Walker and gets finished midway through round 3 on the feet by Walker.

Arlovski vs Rozenstruik
Arlovski....I hate picking your fights. I see a majority decision for Arlovski in another tough fight for the former champ. 

Friday, November 1, 2019

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Ouchigari Variations Explained with Competition & Training Footage

Got some questions about Ouchigari as it pertains to other throws and how it's used in competition.
Below are two examples of mine from purple belt.

First tournament example: I keep my opponent reaching with his left hand for a grip (having just stripped it). Also note his defensive posture and weight heavy on the left leg. I don't need to get him to step as his left leg nearest to me is a heavy/stationary target. I time the reaction as I attack that leg to then block his right foot at the ankle and drive him past it

Second tournament example: My opponent opts for a cross grip on my lapel but concedes a high shoulder/scruff grip. This grip (and him voluntarily circling the way I would've pulled him anyway, allow me to use a whizzer to consolidate control as I attack the Ouchigari on his left foot stepping toward me. I didn't need a kouchigari or follow-up technique as he was already adequately off balance.

The bonus of competing in BJJ is the poor posture and defensive stance that most players adopt allows for strong, controlling grips over the top, and stationary/slow moving feet which are honestly just sitting ducks for attacks designed to block/trip/knock down et cetera. The scoring criteria in BJJ for takedowns is nowhere near as strenuous at is in Judo. In BJJ, I just have to end up on top in a controlling position for 3 seconds (in most tournaments). Take advantage. With all the resets, and guys fleeing out of bounds, and lazy refs restarting on the feet, there are often multiple opportunities to score 2 points throughout the match.