Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Eddie Alvarez Signs with OneFC

UFC not the only big show in town. It’s been interesting to see top flight talent seep away. This isn’t some downturn fighter, or faded former champ. Alvarez has won belts in the two top organizations and still has good fights left in him, ala when Mousasi left amidst his win streak.
Hats off to OneFC.

Black Belt CBD Invitational - Oct. 20th: Brackets Finalized 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Renzo vs Wallid - Verbal Agreement

$&@? Yeah. Rad.

Benson Henderson, Spare us the Soapbox if you’re a cage/glove grabber (and arguably went for an eye poke)

Dude was 4 knuckles deep in the cage to hold Saad down, then acted flabbergasted when the ref stood them up as a penalty, and here he is overtly grabbing the glove after pretty suspicious flicking his fingers at Awad’s eyes. 

Finally something we can agree on: Khabib Thinjs Bus Attack Maybe Planned 

Took awhile. Send location. Duh.

F2Win 90 in Philly this week: JT Torres, Baret Yoshida, Calvanese 

Always excited to see Baret Yoshida in action, Gi or NoGi. Card also features ADCC gold medalist: JT Torres, and  Kasai Qualifier winner Calvanese. 

First Look @ Golden Boy’s Liddell vs Ortiz 3 PPV Card 

They’re selling...are you buying?