Friday, March 23, 2018

Garry Tonon One FC Debut tomorrow 830am EST. Mehrdad Janzemini 2pm EST on Cage Warriors

Garry Tonon makes his MMA debut for One FC tomorrow at 830am EST (streaming on Twitter) and Mehrdad '9 Shots' Janzemini fights tomorrow at 2pm EST for Cage Warriors (available on Fight Pass). 

Watch Khabib UFC 223 Training Camp Episode 2

Watched the first one the other day and here's the second one:
No new territory charted in this one, they've left out any real sparring footage/striking and included only some short clips more playfully grappling and fighting for takedowns than anything, a testament to the intensity of the pressure of this title fight and the respect for Ferguson as an opponent.
They show some footage of interviewing Khabib's father, and head/original coach, and he emphasizes the choices men face and their expectations in Dagestan and the reality of growing up there and sport as a viable career and in service of the strength of their nation in uncertain times. 

This fight has me as excited for a UFC fight since Conor faced Alvarez for the title, insomuch as I fully expect a lot of grappling as well, and I'm exceedingly interested to see how this fight unfolds. Ferguson is tough and his penchant for fighting through adversity is what I really hope to see take Khabib through 5 grueling rounds.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Anastasia Yankova Joins Bellator 200 in May

I've been starting to dig into Bellator's women's divisions as the UFC divisions are already full of mismatches like Schevchenko fight we watched Mario Yamasaki officiate. I dug up some info on one of the fighters I did recall from press and media: Anastasia Yankova. Ruling her flyweight division is Llima-lei Macfarlane who last saw action winning the inaugural belt in November. It's problematic because Anastasia hasn't even made the flyweight limit in her past two Bellator performances but this is the state of the growing pains of women's MMA as it comes into its own. As the divisions are thin, the fan in me wishes the UFC just had all the talent but competing organizations will drive up the pay for fighters and press from one organization will carry over should fighters switch bosses as contracts expire. But with Schevchenko looking to take the strap at 135 in the UFC, Anastasia on a few years may be on tap to face her. 

Rafael Dos Anjos vs Colby Covington for Interim Belt in Rio

City might erupt into flames/martial law declared....

Sunday, March 18, 2018

IBJJF Team Closeouts: Eyeroll

Closing out blue, purple, brown, and women's belt divisions and depriving the spectators of a final.....bruh. Booooooooooring. If you can fight it out in the gym you can do it with people watching.