Sunday, January 21, 2018

UFC 220 & Bellator 192 Doubleheader Hangover

Quick thoughts:

Stipe showed why he's the best UFC heavyweight of all time. Defended the belt 3x. Even when he doesn't stop the guy he completely dominates him minus a few punches from Ngannou. 
The blueprint to beat Ngannou is exposed. All Stipe has to do left if anything is fight Cain, but Cain only fights every two years anyway, so who knows?

DC showed it was gonna be curtains when he got the late first round takedown and got Volkan to expose his back in an effort to get up. DC really does this well. See his two fights with Anthony Johnson for evidence as well. DC made Volkan look average after several terrifying KO victories. DC's grappling and crucifix and standing clinch work were also impressive. He slipped the dangerous punches, made Volkan respect his punches, and sucked him into his world. Curtains.

I didn't watch the UFC main card nor the prelims, preferring the Bellator main card with Lima vs Rory and Chandler vs Yamauchi. Rory won 4 of the 5 rounds, despite what looked like an alien growing out of his leg, or a broken leg. He managed to score the takedown in rounds 4 and 5 despite basically using one leg. 
Not a barnburner of a fight as Rory's plan was clearly to take Lima where he wanted and methodically break him down, but despite the leg kick punishment injury, Rory took the title in convincing fashion minus that terrible flop to half-guard/full mount incident after the leg injury. Chandler showed how hard it is to throw up submissions off your back against a top tier guy, especially when you keep the opponent's head in the cage for the better part of each round. If Yamauchi had a more chained together attack instead of semi pulling guard at times it would have been a closer fight. Chandler did the right prep work in camp with head and spine in vertical alignment and heavy hips and judicious punches down. He opted to save it for the third round to emphatically rain down blows but it was a convincing return for the guy who wants to roll it back against Primus.

Shoutout to Bellator for that cringeworthy tv show placement interview: 

Finally got around to watching combat JiuJitsu worlds 1

Some thoughts and reflections:
Half-guard and an opponent who doesn't follow you to the ground was a common problem in some of the matches. The split squat, one knee down, open hand strikes to a bottom opponent in some form of half or open guard led to some pretty forceful strikes. The guy screaming before and during his match with Vagner was hilarious. The competition level was pretty uneven at times with some top tier guys for the format and some guys who were cannon fodder.

That being said, the strikes did provide the temptation in the overtime rounds to cause a couple fellas to lose position. I'd be okay with seeing an additional second overtime round implemented, but this is a minor criticism and not even that, I'm just always interested to see how guys handle the overtime positions and submission attempts vs ride time dynamic.
I like that it lures guys into the bracket that would likely normally be unwilling to do a pure EBI event. The change strikes make to the dynamic does lure in some name fishes to swim in the EBI waters.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Great Moments in Leg Lock History: Kazushi Sakuraba vs Carlos Newton

Couldn't find the full match itself, but you can see the kneebar if you jump to 1:17 of the video embedded below.
Known more for his rivalry with the Gracie family and the Kimura, his record actually reveals a diverse array of finishes with a variety of submissions.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Ultimate Mat Warriors 3 - Heavyweights: Tomorrow in SoCal

I've watched their previous two installments thanks to their being available on ze YouTube. Watch it live tomorrow folks. 

Great Moments in Leg Lock History: Dean Lister vs Saulo Ribeiro

Dean Lister was one of the early  "I don't care that leg locks are frowned upon" guys. Danaher mentioned him on the Joe Rogan Podcast as the guy who in one sentence opened his mind to the notion of legs representing half the body and that it was foolish to ignore half of the body's surface area.
In addition, Dean has fought on most of the major stages in the world both in fighting and competitive grappling.
Let's take it back to the stepover kneebar heard round the world.

Eddie Bravo Releases EBI 15 Lineup

Hot off the presses, big news day in competitive grappling.

Jake Shields vs Kit Dale @ F2W Pro 62

A week before he takes on Craig Jones at Polaris 6, Shields will face the other famous Australian grappler, Kit Dale.