Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nov. 22nd Copa Podio - Grand Prix Bracket & Superfights

From Over at Graciemag:

Grand Prix Middleweight Bracket: 
"The event will start at 2 p.m. PST, 5 p.m. EST.
The third season of the middleweight grand prix will feature top athletes:
1) Felipe Pena “Preguiça” (BRA)
2) Cláudio Calasans (BRA)
3) Luiz Panza (BRA)
4) Patrick Gaudio (BRA)
5) Diogo Moreno (BRA)
6) Jon Satava (USA) – presenting
7) Diego Borges (BRA)
8) Gregor Gracie (BRA)
9) Erberth Santos (BRA) – presenting
10) Thiago Sá (BRA)"

"There will be a no-gi challenge between Gianni Grippo and Joao Miyao. It will be submission-only with no time limit and the rules will allow for reaping and heel hooks.

There will be another submission-only match between Leandro Lo and Gibert Durinho but this one will be in the gi.

Tim Spriggs will face Lucas Hulk in a Brazil vs. USA challenge and in a preliminary match Lucas Valle will match-up against Rafael Mansur."

Monday, October 27, 2014

UFC 179 Monday Morning Hangover & a Dry Several Weeks/Month of UFC-Style Fighting

Well, Chad Mendes is now in Urijah Faber-ville.
In his own right, he was far more competitive with Jose than Faber was.
At the same time, he's dropped two to the champion and now he's relegated to knocking off whatever title challengers come long.
Mendes' stand-up looked great, especially compared to his first bout with Jose, but other than a couple errant attempts, perhaps a more diverse gameplan would've better suited him in terms of winning more than a moral victory.

The card was pretty meh overall.
I found myself playing with my phone and far more interested in talking to the people I was with during the Dariush, Magny, and Davis fights.
And as the title fight became a kickboxing bout I found myself also less than aesthetically pleased.
We went 3 weeks I think without a UFC, and now we'll go another few weeks until November 7th's Rockhold vs Bisping:
"main CARD
UFC Fight Pass, 10 p.m. ET
And then the next day we get:
"unknown CARD                                                                                
The only real card we have coming up anytime soon is November 15th when we get an Interim HW title bout with Werdum vs Hunt. Hunt is somehow due to the injury prone HW division, now fighting for an interim belt in the UFC. Who would've thought that after seeing him lose via Keylock to Tuscherer in his UFC debut?  But, that's the fight game folks. On that card we also get:
Diego Sanchez vs TBA, Bermudez vs Lamas who probably wont be title contenders because the UFC wants to plug McGregor in that slot and then some other fights with people whose names you won't recognize.
Following that card, there's a fight night card with Cub Swanson taking on Frankie Edgar and Brad Pickett back in action, but then we get to the first week in December and get to see Lawler and Hendricks rematch. I think Lawler takes it and Hendricks continues to not use his wrestling.
The good news is that card also has Pettis vs Melendez and Travis Browne vs Brendan Schaub.
I'm not going to cry oversaturation.
Say what you will, Conor McGregor has pumped some life into the UFC this year. He polarizes, people pay attention, internet traffic shows if nothing else people pay attention when he speaks. Jose Aldo basically refuses to hype his fights.
Barao is now out and Dillashaw has mixed up the division somewhat and now faces a looming date with Dominic Cruz. Jon Jones  and Cain are on the shelf. Pettis will defend his strap and hopefully not get hurt.
It's been a tough year for the UFC in some regards. We've had injured champs and some real gatekeepers hanging around that sell tickets but likely won't beat the champ no matter how many times they try.
I've been watching moderately entertaining Bellator cards on Fridays but that combined with some of the lackluster fight nights and PPV's and UFC's on FOX, it's getting hard to be overly excited about more than one or two fights on a card these days.

Garry Tonon vs Zak Maxwell Metamoris 5 Countdown Video

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Skill of Self-Confidence

Conor McGegor's meteoric rise comes to mind again. He says it enough and be believes and so do others. What is of supremely interesting to me is whether it will remain in the face of Jose Aldo when the cage door shuts close?

Dustin Poirier looked beaten in the first 30 seconds of that fight.
Chad Mendes had it on his face when he fought Jose Aldo the first time.
You saw it spread across him when his first takedown attempt was stuffed.
The question to all of the above then is who's armor cracks first? Aldo has the definitive edge in experience. McGregor has the advantage I think others have not had against Aldo which is that he is irrationally self-confident. I remember seeing Sonnen put it on Anderson Silva the first fight. Sonnen went out there irrationally self-confident and battered Silva for 4 1/2 rounds. Other guys ala Rich Franklin were defeated before the fight even began.

I read an interview where Donald Cerrone talked about red light and green light thoughts. Red light thoughts are ALL forms of negativity. Any form of doubt.

I've learned to catch myself before during and after matches to not even let my mind consider HOW tired I am. My response to the beginning of that line of thinking is simply "push" or "keep going".
When you let the tiredness or the weariness become tangible in your mind it spreads like cancer and you fold.

Compared to my competitive days in Judo, I won my first tournament with two throws, each under something like 20 seconds. It was a powerfully formative event in that in my mind winning in Judo felt and seemed natural. I went out in my next tournament and hammered away at a brown belt amongst others and beat him on pure aggression.

The feedback I got from the environment was powerfully building my self-confidence.
I walk on the mat literally feeling like no one in my division belongs on the mat with  me.
I have an irrational level of self-confidence.
I did a Judo tournament a week after my 3rd MMA fight which was by far my worst beating I'd taken in my 5 fights. Despite that crushing loss, I won two divisions/weight classes and defeated every competitor by full Ippon.

Self-talk and self-expectation are powerful tools which will fulfill themselves.
You are responsible for what you put into your body as well as your mind.
Negative self-talk and doubt will crush your ability to succeed if you are not wary.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

UFC Embedded Conor McGregor in Brazil: Aldo vs Mendes

The hype train builds for Conor McGregor....what's amazing is that on some level, he must already be in Jose's head. Jose must hate that Conor likely makes more money than he does despite his short time in the UFC. On some level, it must irritate him that Conor is featured more in the embedded clip than he is as the title holder.
Like it or not....Mendes and Aldo are, at this point, supporting cast on the Conor McGregor show.
It will be a fight that sells itself. Conor's hype and braggadocio versus the stone cold ice of Aldo. It has all the earmarks of a classic build up. Two nations which are rabid fan bases and two completely opposite personalities.


Bellator 130 Highlights

Recent Match Analysis: Purple Belt Featherweight @ Pendergrass Classic

Points scored:
2 takedowns - both foot sweeps
2 guard passes - knee through/leg weave, &  hip bump to pant grip torreando style pass-ish?
1 sweep - half-guard Caio Terra sweep

Points given up:
1 sweep - lapel/half-guard sweep

At bout 2:10 I hit a nice ouchigari to kouchigari into a knee through passing position. Immediately I begin gripping his left pant leg with my right hand and looking for his lapel with my left hand. I prefer a backstep style pass from that position, and use the pant grip (ala the Mendes brothers who do it constantly) to simultaneously look to hit my elbow inside his hip and hunt for my knee through position.
By 3:30 I've taken the real estate/his hip and am ready to knee through pass with my underhook but he escapes and by 3:54 he feeds my lapel through my legs for the dental floss sweep I've heard it called or some form of half-guard style sweep.
I look to counter his sweep with a kimura counter but I let get of the grip prematurely and lose my leverage to come up on top and he very nearly passes because I'm lazy defending his over/under pass position.

I hit what I affectionately call the Caio Terra half-guard sweep. He strips my right hand cross grip from his lapel once but allows me to regain it and doesn't strip it again which leads to the sweep.
I could feel him waning a bit and knew the guard pass would come if I kept up the pressure. I get lazy/over confident and he nearly comes up after tripping my foot but I put him back down with an outside foot sweep then look to leg drag.

I look for my leg drag/single leg hip heist I got from Bruno Frazatto and keep on the pressure to pass. He stays flat on his back without gripping me for a split second too long and I again hip heist/bump and he turns out but it's too late and I hunt for the back but I get too high and/or lazy and I lose it.
I end the match with what I've been looking for which is a leg weave style knee through pass and I pass then get to knee on belly and win the match 12-2.