Sunday, May 27, 2018

UFC Liverpool Thoughts & Reflections

Amirkhani should've gotten a draw, 2 knockdowns in the first round for a 10-8 round, then perhaps on those paltry takedowns and stalling on top won the 2nd and 3rd rounds. That awkward right turn from being asked who he wants to face to referencing "that trip to Chechnya" and a visibly worried Manuwa was the funniest moment in a broadcast full of awkwardly awesome interview moments.

Allen pulled off a last minute submission against Burnell who's level changing and chain wrestling to top position and half-guard work had him well on his way to winning a decision. Excited to see both of them fight again soon.

The Dentist blubbering in the cage was awkward, but pulled of a good stoppage against Spicely who failed to drag him to the mat.

Taleb turned down opportunities where his opponent turned away, got tossed to the mat, and let a questionable leg log attempt lead to being mounted and then poorly defending a short choke/back take get him tapped in a fight he was handily controlling in the first round. Hopefully a learning experience for him as he was expertly catching kicks, turning them into knockdowns, and otherwise busting up Silva in the fight.

Tom Breese looked the part of younger, more athletic man, with an errant thumb knuckle grazing that put Kelly in a bad way then lead to a TKO/ref stoppage. I felt like the knuckled caught him in the eye, but hey, these things happen and the ref didn't step in to investigate.

The "elbow queen" was a boring clinch-fest and not exactly an amazing showing for someone claiming Muay Thai as her wheelhouse in MMA. No one saw that fight and was concerned to face her, especially not anyone with some takedown tools in their toolbox.

Neil Magny showed the difference between UFC veteran experience and up n' comer status. Granted White was a late notice replacement, but looked outclassed at the end.

Till failed to make weight by 3.5 lbs and given his prior weight cut fail in Sweden of 5 lbs, I'm not sold on him. Also, his 4 fight win streak in the UFC (2 fights of which he failed to make weight - this time IN HIS HOMETOWN AS A HEADLINER) speaks to some need for growth and maturity. There are several guys ahead of him with far better active win streaks and thus, Till should do some more professional-ism worthy work before getting a title shot. Fight was close, can't really say who should've won, Till did more stalking, Wonderboy connected with clean straight right hands, minus that 5th round knockdown. 

Bellator 200: London Thoughts & Reflections

Ugh. I had hopes for Anastasia Yankova. Best go learn to grapple et cetera.

Phil Davis despite not being to keep Vassel on the mat picked up a head kick finish after the big man grew noticeably tired after the first round. Davis wants a shot at Bader, I thought he actually won that fight TBH, but it was razor close so I wouldn't mind seeing them roll it back. I dunno that beating Vassel equates to a title shot but the previous fight with Bader was so close I don't see why they shouldn't do it again.

Shipman fought a guy who looked a weight class smaller and took a punch like one.
The cross promotion of the UK's Jersey Shore guy's castmates in the crowd, the suspicious flop standing guillotine, and the 50 cent appearance just felt all very contrived. But hey, Bellator has come a long way since it's days on Fox Deportes. Scott Coker is building/has built a real Frankenstein of compelling TV with faded UFC legends, wrestling and other combat sports prospects, mid-tier disgruntled UFC employees, and the right mix of B level entertaining fights. Case in point: the show was virtually all stoppages. We got KO's, TKO's, flash dancing MV Page, some women's MMA, and were supposed to have a Pride/UFC Legends Match with Big Country and CroCop until the gypsy injury curse struck.

Rickels decided "no mas" because of MVP's incessant clowning and dancing. All in all, infinity gauntlet gimmick or not, it was a piss poor culmination of what could've been an exciting fight. Both fighters were/are to blame.

Mousasi obliterated champ Carvalho....and now who? Literally the only guy worth calling out for Mousasi is a welterweight, and thus the problem of taking his walking papers from the UFC where he had an already impressive hall of fame arguable level list of scalps on his resume. Sadly, Mousasi will now slide to irrelevance as there's just not any depth at 185, he's crushed the champ, and otherwise he has to with MacDonald the welterweight champ or go up to LHW which wouldn't surprised me either TBH. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Darren Till Misses Weight (AGAIN)

Unprofessional. Disrespectful. Throw in some other adjectives. Guy is huge for the weight class....actually, he's not even in the weight class if you want to be accurate.

Came in 3.5 lbs over the welterweight limit. Back at UFC Fight Night Sweden he came in 5 lbs overweight against Ayari. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Poirier vs Alzarez Rematch set 

July 28th folks, it’s going dooooown. We also get Aldo taking on a KO artist which may spell yet another violent stoppage loss for the fading former champ, and Joanna coming off back to back losses to thug Rose. Wow, how the landscape changes over time. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Polaris 7 Featherweight Bracket 

BJJ Scout's BJJ Digest: Episodes 5-8

Late to the party, but a cool little internet version of a zine equivalent of JiuJitsu, grappling, and combat sports is something I can dig:

This Coming Weekend in MMA....Bellator 200 London & UFC Till vs Thompson Liverpool

Coming off that admittedly surprisingly entertaining UFC in Chile card (no thanks to Usman and Maia) we get both a milestone Bellator card (, here we are guys) and a UFC in the UK with Till fighting Wonderboy, amongst others.

Friday night we get several key Bellator match-ups and a title fight:
Mousasi vs Carvalho
Mousasi gets a title shot after not so impressively debuting in Bellator. He got the job done...but that's about all you can take away from it. Carvalho is a big, impressive, truly middlweight sized fighter and despite Mousasi having fought in several weight classes across his storied MMA career, the sport has evolved...and I think this is a tougher fight for him than a number of pundits are forecasting.

Roy Nelson vs Someone (CroCop is injured)
Michael Page vs Caveman Rickels
Rickels is tough...but that will just get him CTE level damage in this fight. Page is too long, his attack too varied, and hits too hard and often to lose this fight. Tough way to get paid being Rickels in this fight.
Linton Vassel vs Phil Davis
Vassel has beaten everyone in Bellator save Bader, King Mo, and Emmanuel Newton....i.e: the Bellator championship belt holder level guys. Phil Davis is also that tier as the fight he lost to Bader was very close scoring-wise. Tough night for Vassel here as Phil will take him down and pound on him for at least 2 of 3 rounds.
The undercard also has Anastasia Yankova (flyweight) who will hopefully bounce on over to the UFC eventually.

Sunday - early in the day we get a UFC in the UK (Liverpool to be exact) with the likes of:
Darren Till vs Wonderboy Thompson in a real test for the Till who has leapfrogged up the pecking order with his win over Cerrone. I'm honestly only interested in this scrap and the Claudio da Silva fight. The rest of the card is all prelim fodder. Likely to be some entertaining scraps, but I just watched 5 hours of prelim worthy fights from Chile this past weekend. I probably won't tune in for this one and spend my Sunday midday watching TBH. Anyhow....
Neil Magny vs Craig White (who despite it being his debut finished his previous 5 opponents in Cage Warriors in the UK)
Surging Claudio Henrique da Silva faces Nordine Taleb
Tom Breese returns from ACL surgery.

Invicta Ring Boy Elias Theodoru features on the early portion of the event.