Friday, June 22, 2018

PFL 2 Broadcast: Recap & Analysis

Odds and Ends: the added factor of how fighters win granting them 5 points for a sub vs 3 for a decision win, and no points for a loss, gives it that "pool" feel wherein how you win across each match matters. The 80's Rocky style theme music and the polo shirts for the interviews felt a bit middle aged, complete with a random window background warehouse and him kicking a heavy bag and shadowboxing. Nijem's interview made it sound like he's facing a bracket of cans and a very submittable opponent, but alas, I have digressed. Anyhow, a touching intro for Foster referencing the passing of a sibling, usual banter of "living the life of a fighter," et cetera.

Kayla vs Whoever - got home from teaching class just in time to see a replay of Kayla predictably winning by armbar. She tucked the shin behind the head to facilitate the armbar into the standard cross body pin, then began fighting the opponent's grip.
Within 10-15 seconds, Kayla had Elkins pressed against the cage. Not surprising that was the gameplan, but Elkins didn't circle or even dance a bit to make Kayla chase her. At any rate....Kayla hit a nice short, powerful Ouchigari (underutilized in MMA) from the tie-up, and after that, it was pretty predictable with her years and years of grappling acumen against other legit, world class grapplers (we throw that term around in Jiu-Jitsu, but Kayla won 2 Olympics. She won in a sport where athletes have to qualify to even make it to the Olympics in one of the most contested, and represented sports (total athlete and country participation wise). I'm sure going in there with someone roughly her size who perhaps picked up a rounded skillset in the past -10 years, isn't much work for her.

Foster vs Nijem
After some jumping knees in the 3rd round, Foster gets a stoppage/TKO. First two rounds close with both guys getting to top position, Foster ending the first round chasing a kimura from top side control, et cetera.

Firmino vs Brooks
Brooks used takedowns and an ability to scramble/sweep/get to top, to grind out the rounds for a decision. Firmino swung for the fences and stayed dangerous throughout, but Brooks showed his ability to get to top and stay there in taking the nod.

High vs Escudero - didn't see the fight, but apparently High disputes the tap, and shoved another referee (not his first infraction). 

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Early Weigh Ins Not to Blame when Fighters Walk Around 30-40 lbs above Fighting Weight 

You are a welterweight that walks around at 216 lbs. What else is there to say? What happens the day off has nothing to do with how in the %#^* you ballooned up to 46 lbs above your fighting weight. 

ACB 14 - June 30th 

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How About That Marcin Held Inside Heel Hook Tho

My man lets well, dunno if "lets" but find himself with the legs across the body and either turn away to turtle or accept side control, and those Marcin predictably takes that leg home to the mantle with it just dangling cross body out there like a fish outta water. His opponent semi attempts turning the wrong way, then perhaps rotating the other way, then even semi considers inserting a foot in as a wedge, but as he never committed to any of these defenses, he found his leg in breaking position.