Tuesday, April 17, 2018

BJJ Scout - Khabib vs Zabit Breakdown

Fun fact, Zabit was actually chilling at Renzo's the Monday morning after the UFC at Barclays. Some of his posse took class and trained with the squad.

Stall God Schaub

Never forget.
Before there was booing at Kasai this weekend.
Before there was Samir Chantre or Canuto running from Eddie Cummings. Before Leandro Lo ran from Gordon Ryan at the ADCC trials superfight. Before all of them....one man set the bar for disengagement and fleeing and non-JiuJitsu.....his name.....Brendan Schaub.

PFL June 7th Event - Featherweights & Heavyweights

Monday, April 16, 2018

ACB 12 - Recap & Results

Magalhaes vs Gabriel Lucas - an atrociously boring match. I dunno man. What am I supposed to say about this match? 2nd round and we're already at 3 penalties apiece for the guys. Is this the pinnacle of big man Jiu-Jitsu? Should this be what promoters shell out money to see? It'd hard to objectively tell me that this is something to be excited about or to proclaim as being the pinnacle of decades of martial arts training.

Aruajo vs Barbosa (not the Hulk) -
Barbosa won each round by being a bit tighter and more precise. Some closed guard to a nice triangle around the knees sweep, some heavy pressure from half-guard but unable to pass later on, slightly better control and getting to where he wanted to be sooner in the match than Mayko.

Kerimov vs Honorio -
Skipped through this one. Can't handle watching Honorio lay on top of dudes or do virtually nothing standing up after his match with Vinny I suffered through at the last ACB.

Caporal vs Adaev
Some work standing up with an ouchigari reap to an uchimata attempt and then an ill-advised shoulder throw but lost chest/shoulder contact and Caporal is on his back and past the legs after going out of bounds. The over the back grip from standing to force the throw was likely ill-advised. North-south with Caporal on top on top, and Adaev working to get back to guard. a heavy bridge gets space and gets Adaev back to his feet. Impressive. No points. Some handfighting, Caporal on a deep low single but too much space/from too far out. A nice quick snapdown from Adaev but to no avail, 1 minute left, Adaev pulls guard, Caporal immediately pressuring to pass, Adaev with a spider hook on a bicep, sleeve and collar grip, Caporal standing and Adaev looking for an omoplata, Adaev acquitting himself well against the more experience Caporal who I TBH expected to bully Adaev around more and advance position. Close round, with Adaev doing much more of the work and forcing the pace.

Adaev says FTW and pulls guard and bites the 2 point penalty for doing so in the first 1 minute of the round. Guess he felt something he liked in the first round once it hit the mat, Caporal disengages and it's back to the feet. Penalties after stalling on the feet with neutral sleeve/collar grips.

Quite a bit of pattycake from both guys to the border of being penalized again and Adaev pulls guard, Caporal makes space and it's back to the feet for both. Caporal definitely looking to counter or for one good opportunity to get deep on a leg or legs with a shot. Content to throw less things at Adaev, Adaev pulls guard and looks to pommel legs inside but settles for DLR, spins through, and comes within a hair to climbing onto Caporal's back but Caporal gets him back to guard. Under 90 seconds and it's Caporal low on a double under pass with Adaev on his back. Adaev pulls, really pushing the pace. Caporal more reactive than initiating but points wise he is up a round. Caporal pulls guard with 90 ish seconds left, probably planning to stall this one right on out and win on that single round he won on points. Extreme patty cake again, and Caporal eeks out what I guess you can call a win.

Welker vs Terra -
Welker pulls guard, leg lasso and open guard, Terra untying the knots, looking to backstep pass. Welker looking for deep half guard, back to open guard. No points, Welker on the over under pass. Uneventful closed guard to close out the round, Terra head down in the closed guard, tight and not leaving much space, semi looking for a Tozi pass.
Welker underneath, Terra floating, not conceding the pass, more backstep attempts, fast forward to round 3, Terra works his way through half-guard to what from the armchair looks like an obvious arm-triangle set-up, and frees his leg to get the back transition, and finishes with a double lapel choke from the back.

Bahiense vs Calasans -
Fast scrambling, as Calasans attacks a foot, Bahiense uses it to attempt a sweep, more scrambling, out of bounds. Lot of tight and fast  action early on. Bahiense gets the arm across and threatens a back take, Calasans stands to defend. 90 seconds left. Bahiense doesn't get the back and round ends with no points.
Round 2 - Bahiense pulls guard and gets to 50/50. Sigh. Penalty apiece. More le sigh. Bahiense get what counts as a sweep I guess from 50/50. Blah.
Round 3 - Bahiense pulls guard again. Uses the same invert to chase a 50/50 that uses to get the sweep all the same and is up by 2 points again. 2 minutes left to leg scissor see and ride out the time. Yeah buddy. Exciting stuff. Technical. Legendary. Blah.

Erberth vs Kahawai
Erberth up by a sweep, but loses the points chasing a cross collar choke. Thank God a submission attempt after the last match with 2 rounds of 50/50 and nary a submission attempt. Skipped through most of this match until Erberth was up by 9 points in the 3rd round and finishes with a lapel choke.

Rudson Mateus makes extremely short work of Magomadov with a lapel choke from the back.

Hinger vs Maidana - Maidana won a round with a
leg scissor 50/50 sweep blah. Flashbacks of those years of black belt finals with 50/50 boring everyone to tears on the seesaw of boredom leg scissor. 

Sa vs Gaudio
Ineffectual bent over grip fighting with some drop shoulder throw attempts, Gaudio pulls and scores a sweep with a single leg X guard low pant grip finish, stuffing the same single leg X efforts to sweep by Sa, as he's on top, with time ticking away and up by the 2 sweep points. 

Round 2 both adopt neutral bent over posture grips and shocker a minute passes with no real takedown attempts or movement, some snap downs from Sa but with the neutral grips it's predictably ineffective.

More stalling on the feet and were down to 3:30 left in the round, more playing to the edge of the boundary and a reset, 3 mins left in the round, not even touching one another yet, thankfully, ref throws out some penalties,'other organizations take note, down to 2:45 and no discernible action after a first round wth one sweep exchange to make it worth my of note. 
2:30 and no real urgency, Gaudio dives in a aingle while Sa is upright and caught in vertical posture, under 2 mins and Gaudio is low in the guard, Sa trying to create angles bit Gauio heavy and low and up by 2 points with a minute left in the round, Sa still trying to create angles but Gaudio not giving much space, Gaudio stands briefly to avoid a stalling call I suspect, then drops to his knees ago an, then back to his feet, 
Cartwheel pass attempt from Gaudio to look busy, grinding out the round on top, Gaudio up 2 rounds to 0 for Sa. 

Round 3 Sa dives on a single, Gaudio atuff to a front headlock, Sa trying to sit to guard but Gaudio not relinquishing the front head lock 
Baxk to the feet, Sa working for a takedown but Gaudio collar grip and feet back stopping him dead. Sa pulls, 3 mins to work, Gaudio no reason to take any chances, 
Sa trying to make angles, Gaudio giving no spaces, back to the feet, 
Sa reaches for the leg in depaerarjonC Gaudio gets front headlock again, barley a minute left, time ticking away, Gaudio looking for a guillotine briefly, round ends
Gaudio wins 2 rounds of 3 via a sweep and a takedown respectively

Barbosa vs Jackson Sousa 
On the feet, neutral grips, min done, Jackson drops for a snap downs boilers throw but barbosas grip stuffs it, Barbosa foot sweeps then drops down for the same
Snap down shoulder throw and with ten pant grip he adds, he finishes the takeoff be deposited Jackson scrambling - halfway thru the round and it's back to the feet as Barbosa floats to pass and Jackson c rested space
Penalty for both for stalling on the feet, Jackson deep in a single but stuffed, minute left and Barbosa up by 2 from the takedown, Sousa drops for a sumi gaeshi style sacrifice throw  but Barbosa bails with his hips and sprawls, Jackson just runs out of Time with a snap down that almost gets him To the back but times runs out and the round ends.

Hard fighting for the takedown, 2 penalties apiece, Barbosa almost pulls off a snapdown shoulder throw but Jackson narrowly escapes. Round ends with no points scored but both guys throwing a lot at one another.

Round 3 - Barbosa on a single, Jackson avoids it, more bent over posture with neutral grips, not a lot of moving at the border of the mat. Penalties coming out again I expect. Barbosa on another single,but Jackson kicks free again. Penalties given out. 3 apiece now. 2 minutes and 45 seconds left. Jackson's gotta create some movement, staying in front of Hulk with neutral grips is getting him in trouble with that monstrous snapdown power. Both guys kneeling now, back up to their feet, Barbosa untucking a lapel, Sousa jumps guard, hard to believe he'll get a sweep or submission with 90 seconds left against Hulk who's won a round already, but what the *&^% do I know because Sousa hits a sweep from a collor grip and is on top with 2 points. Man. Wow. Barbosa fighting back to his feet and 15 seconds left but Jackson up by 2.
The decision goes to......Barbosa.

Alves vs Najmi
Alves jumps guard, gets to omoplata, has the lapel also, comes up and almost gets a sweep or the back, but Najmi sharly defends and Alves is back to the omoplata. He's active with it and really taking it to Najmi, then underhooking the near leg, continually looking to chop down, then for a toe hold, then back to underhooking the leg, Najmi unable to do much, Alves comes up and against almost gets a sweep then hunts for a kneebar, then looks for 50/50, and forces Najmi to pull out of bounds. Alves really putting the pressure on. I'm seriously impressed. Not often you see someone forcing Najmi to react and keep him from getting back into the discourse of the match. Round ends tied at 2 points.

Wow. Tight match so far but mainly Alves really driving the direction and course of the match.
Watching Alves take it to Najmi is proof Nova Uniao is still producing dangerous, tough, elite level competitors.

Round 2
Penalties for stalling on the feet for both guys. Alves heavy on some passing, but Najmi recomposes then sucks him into 50/50 in an effort to get a sweep and score/take the round. Minute left and it's 50/50 leg scissor. Sigh. Alves attacks the ankle bellydown, and Najmi rolls through to defend. Alves against attacking the ankle but I find it hard to believe it's gonna happen. Najmi with 5 seconds left gets deep on a kneebar transition to almost get to top but time runs out.

Round 3
Alves on the omoplata with the lapel to assist, hits a sweep, chops down Najmi, but Najmi makes space and stays on top. Najmi heavy on the pass, forcing the turtle, but they're out of bounds and the championship belts are knocked off the table near the commentators. Najmi jumps guard with 2 1/2 minutes left. Najmi opens his guard but not a lot of urgency TBH. Alves standing, looking to pass, defending the hooks of Najmi, Najmi feeding the lapel. Alves against looking to pass, lapel feed keeping Alves from flopping to his side to finish a heavy pass. No points. 40 seconds left. Alves fighting to pass, Najmi looking for 50/50 or to come up to sweep, Alves belly down attacking the foot.
The decision goes to........Alves.

Keenan Cornelius vs Mahamed Aly
Round 1 - some tentative gripping, Aly wanting the cross collar grip so he can snapdown for the takedown. He doesn't get much going in the first minute so Keenan pulls guard at the 4 minute mark. Keenan hunting for the lapel, and Aly stomping inside his thigh aggressively backing up to avoid getting sucked into the game. Keenan feeding the lapel around the leg and cinching it in, Aly controlling or attempting to control the far leg. Pant leg end grips from Aly looking to drive Keenan's knees to his chest. 2 minutes left and Aly not really deep on any passes, content to try and smash Keenan a bit and mainly looking to backstep and get out of Keenan spinning underneath. Keenan briefly loses the lapel feed around the leg and Aly throws some violent throw by attempts but not overly deep on a pass and Keenan comes up almost for a sweep but Aly flex and bust out style escapes with a good ole one armed bench press. Keenan pulls quickly and again hunts to feed the lapel. Aly for the most part seems uncertain of how to untie the knots. Keenan feeds the omoplata and looks to reinforce it with the lapel. Aly throwing some passes but not much doing. The round ends with no points.

Round 2 - Keenan looks not too fazed for playing matador to the flailing spazzing bull in a china shop. Minute in and Aly for all this power unable to force a takedown or even use the snapdown to get to a single. He finally almost gets to an ankle pick but Keenan staves it off and Aly pulls guard. Keenan knee through/trapped dealing with the half-guard of Aly's giant legs. 2 1/2 minutes left. Keenan cuts through, changes direction but ends up back in half-guard. Keenan backstepping to look to pass and keep Aly flat. Aly up on the single, Keenan jumps guard. Round ends with no points.

Round 3 -
Aly for all his power advantage, unable to force the takedown. He gets the collar and sleeve grip he wants and drags Keenan down, then looks for a foot sweep, and is yanking Keenan around in circles but to no effect. Keenan tripod-ing to defend, staves off a single leg, locks up a triangle and Aly backs straight out of bounds to avoid it like a world champ. Aaaaaaaand, we're in 50/50. Le sigh. Aly controlling the sleeve, Keenan controlling the foot. Both men now fighting for the sweep. Keenan comes up briefly and scores but then Aly reverses and scores. I'm having flashbacks to Cobrinha and Rafa black belt world finals years previously and my eyelids are growing heavier and heavier. Sigh. Keenan feeding a lapel and has both feet on it, Aly backsteps to negate the sweep. 90 seconds left. More seesaw. Keenan back to the lapel stomp with his foot and rocking to gain momentum, he nearly tips Aly over again, and is fighting and pressing against the knee and almost comes to top but Aly violently creates space to avoid the sweep.
Aaaaaaand the decision goes to.......Keenan. Tough match man. Keenan is one of the few guys really utilizing the Gi to its fullest extent. It's there, it's dumb to not utilize it to its fullest potential. Keenan's first match in ACB was a real battle. That term gets thrown around a lot, but man, Aly was flailing like no other. Curious as to who he'll face his next go round.

Chantre vs Joao Miyao - for ze title
Joao says FTW and pulls guard and bites the 2 point penalty. Man, gotta appreciate him believing in his game to that extent. Joao chops Chantre down, back on a third roll through and getting to top for the sweep so now we're even with 3 1/2 minutes left. Joao looking to pass, Chantre pommeling his feet to the inside for hooks, Joao utilizing a hip and lapel grip breifly now back to pant grips and Samir knocks Miyao down with a lumberjack sweep but unable to come up on top. Joao heavy on a pass and low, looking to smash, but Samir with a cross collar grip gets back to his feet. Miyao spirals through for 4 berimbolo rotations in a row, Chantre trying to spin through and stay on his feet standing, Miyaho switches to a lapel grip and rotates through, pommels a leg then comes up to top.

Round 2 - Joao bites the bullet like a big dog and immediately sits and gives up the two points. I'm impressed. He must think Samir will stall out 4 minutes on the mat if they blow through a minute standing up. Samir tries to suck Joao into 50/50 but he doesn't let it happen despite Samir's efforts. 2 minutes left and Samir is up 4-2 with a sweep, but Joao almost takes the back, Samir is of course crying about something, needing a reset or a restart, or a break, shockingly this occurs as his back is being taken.....le sigh. 90 seconds and Samir is defending the second hook. 30 seconds and we're treated to a leg scissor 50/50 see saw with the score tied. Round ends 4-4.

Round 3 - double guard pull and Joao comes to top, so he's up 2 points. Not promising for Samir 30 seconds in. Samir has a lapel fed around one of Joao's legs and one of his own. A minute down but not much movement from either due to the grip. Fast forward to 20 seconds left and Joao still fighting to pass as Samir simply holds him there with a fingers inside the pant cuff grip (legal in ACB I guess?).

Round 4 - Joao sits immediately, fighting to roll through for the berimbolo, comes to top as Samir defends the back take, Joao on the leg drag style smash, looking to windshield wiper his leg to the inside to force the leg drag back take and Joao to the back as Samir miraculously rolls out of bounds. Them boundaries, am I right? It's tied 2-2 and Joao sits on the restart, so now it's Samir's lead with 4-2 and 3:40 left but the points are waved off? I'm unclear, it was Joao who was up 4-2, and now with the sweep he's up 6-2 and running away with this round. Joao dragging the leg off the mat as Samir was on both knees, Samir is inverted underneath as Joao feeds the lapel to put on the crossface and force the pass. Samir has his legs triangle to prevent the pass as the clock winds down. Time runs out and Joao takes the round 6-2.

Round 5 - Joao pulls again, and they end up in looking to berimbolo to the back and Samir is trying to drag him into 50/50 but Samir resisting. Joao comes to top and it's tied 2-2. Samir hanging onto the leg for dear life with 2:50 left. Samir has the leg triangled in a weird semi calf slicer type leg triangle to prevent the pass. Minute left and Samir doing everything to hang on and prevent the pass. Typical Samir boring style match at this point with him finding amazing and inventive ways to stall the *($% out of someone  who's advancing position. Joao passes to mount and continues to hunt for the submission from mount. Joao ends the round 9-2.
Joao takes the decision by a clear margin.

Paulo Miyao vs Moizinho for ze title!
Round 1 -  Miyao pulls guard, scores a sweep, Moizinho sweeps back, Miyao sweeps back and it's 4-4. Both guys when they score sweeps immediately look to pass. Moizinho rolls through fora  kneebar with about a minute left, it looks deep and they're near the boundaries. Paulo scores a sweep with about 10 seconds left and wins the round 6-4.

A lot of backing up from Moizinho has he stands over Miyao's guard, finally at 2:42 they engage, and Moizinho is fighting hard to lock up a leg utilizing the end of the pants grip. Miyao comes to top into a heavy leg drag/legs laced position. Miyao passes for waht feels like an hour and Moizinho scooting his way toward the boundary......and flees straight out of bounds....no points scored. I'm confused. Meanwhile, we've got the commentary talking about a documentary. C'mon man. Seriously? Call the behavior and tactics what they are. There's a disingenuous-ness to it when you see it. Where's the commentary ignoring Moizinho spider walking his toes right on out of bounds to avoid the points and fleeing to avoid points. Miyao up by points meanwhile the commentary still completely and wildly off topic. Sigh. At this point I turn the volume back bown, because I remember I get tired of hearing topics other than the action going on. It's bad enough when UFC commentators are doing play-by-play with a teammate fighting in the octagon, but this is literally completely off topic while we're wondering what's going on that Paulo passes for what feels like 10 seconds and no points awarded and Moizinho literally fleeing to escape. Sigh. 3 1/2 minutes in and Miyao gets the pass Thank God and the points because I guess, this is different. Sometimes you gotta pass twice I guess. He quickly also advances to mount and is on the arm but wooooooow Moizinho escapes and is looking at a 9-2 round with 2:40 left. Moizinho diving and flailing with all this might to pass Paulo's guard. He's stomping the hamstring to initiate the pass but no points to close the gap in points.

Round 4 - Moizinho shuts down in closed guard after Paulo pulls and is down by 2 points. Moizinho wins the round 2-0.
Round 5 - Miyao pulls and bites the 2 points. Moizinho really behind the gun at this point. Down by several rounds, one of them by a large disparity, and short of a submission Moizinho will lose the decision. Moizinho fighting to pass with everything he's got and diving on a toe hold at the end and winning the round by 2 points due to the guard pull.
The decision goes to.....Miyao.

Pena vs Wardzinski for ze Belt!
Pena hits a drop to get on the single leg and finishes the takedown for points. Wardzinski with the sleeve and lapel grip and Pena on both knees shutting down a lot of Wardzinski's efforts to make space and create movement/kuzushi. Pena squashes Wardzinski from getting anything really going, but also doesn't really get anything going either.

Round 2 - Wardzinski with the belt grip drops to a hip and tries to hit a butterfly sweep to eleveate but is stuffed, Pena his a drop collar slide to try and pick up a single but Wardzinski doesn't fall for it this time, Pena still on the leg but finishes the single and ends up in an omoplata, but escapes and gets the 2 points. Sitting low on Wardzinski, taking some grips, but not a lot of movement, Pena sitting on both knees. 3 minutes to work and up by 2 points. Wardzinsky throwing up his lone butterfly hook and Pena backstepping and looking to smash it and pass. Wardzinski framing and recomposing his hooks but Pena switches sides and against has Wardzinski's hooks flattened. 90 seconds left. and gets behind Wardzinski, looking for the back. Wardzinksi turtles, and Pena's forced back to both knees down, grip fighting, and 40 seconds left. Round ends.

Round 3 - Wardzinski drops for a sacrifice throw, Pena avoids it. Wardzinski sits to guard, Pena heavy on the pass, due to a lazy guard pull, passes and has 3 1/2 minutes to work. Wardzinski seated now fighting for sleeves. Pena with an unspectacular pass gets an easy transition to the back, sets the back triangle, works for the finish and gets it in the third round.

Submission Underground 7 - Yep, it's still plugging along

Somehow missed this, guess it was a weekend with a Bellator, a UFC, and the Kasai 2 Pro Grappling Event. Can't say I watched this event, but in the event you're curious, here you go.

Multiple-time ADCC medalist and champion, Jeff Monson, faces off against long-time veteran, Fabiano Scherner. TUF: Redemption winner Jesse Taylor, will compete against Ben Egli, who comes in with a wealth of MMA experience under his own belt. Gustavo Pires and Carlos Sievert are set for a gi match, while Joe Baize faces off against Mike Dewitt. * Also featured is an 8-man brown belt tournament.