Monday, November 13, 2017

Bellator is the Major League (movie) of MMA and I'm not mad...

Soak this in. The analogy doesn't quite match because none of these guys are rookies, but whatever. 

Nelson. Fedor. King Mo. Rampage. Bader. Mir. Sonnen. Mitrione. 
Much akin to Strikeforce's HW tournament, how can this not be entertaining? Seriously? Legitimate question. 
I see a bunch of violent finishes. I see some surprises. I see 1000% entertainment full speed ahead. 

Dillashaw Using Title Leverage to Chase Mighty Mouse Fight

Still no love lost for Cruz and then opines his desire to chase down DJ. We'll see if DJ invents a new reason to duck the biggest money fight possible for him or wants to wait for Cejudo vs Pettis winner.....

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hell Froze Over: Clay Guida got a stoppage win

Well, it happened. I'm kinda still speechless. After the better part of a decade of fights and decisions, it happened. Give the devil his due.