Friday, August 18, 2017

Guys! Polaris 5 Takes Place This Weekend!!

Some very cool matches on this card: Tonon and Danis rematch in an effort to settle the war of words and insults. Pickett makes his transition to pro grappling after a storied MMA career. Perennial lightning rod Agazarm has a match. TriStar/Renzo Gracie up and comer Olivet Taza sees action, Jake Shields also continues his competitive grappling work in addition to continuing his MMA career elsewhere. The legends portion of the appeal features Shaolin taking on Uno. Solid card and appeal from top to bottom.

Watching the prologue I heard Danis calling the DDS guys one trick ponies but if you've been the the blue basement/lab where they do work and train, or take class you'll know that's not true. The Squad guy are all ferociously talented in multiple areas apiece. I say that knowing and having felt it firsthand. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bader Defends Title/Bellator Cont. Wrestling MMA Prospect Push

Part of my appreciation for Bellator's rise to MMA Prominence is its multi-pronged approach to building their brand: 
freak show casual fan friendly match-ups
Faded UFC stars and legends
Solid B level fighters (and now A level poaches from the UFC)
Wrestling prospects 
Enough Int'l flare to keep it feeling global 
It comprises a compelling stew appeal when stirred into a few events. The PPV they did was amazing as was the preceding Cable TV card. I'm undecided if their several month hiatuses which occur are good for avoiding audience fatigue or damage their relevance overall, but currently they're doing so much right, I can't complain at all. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

MacGregor Less Underdog than 5 Pro Boxers

Absolut Championship Berkut Announces Next Two NoGi Grand Prix Events

Absolut Championship Berket has announced its next two Grand Prixs

Frank Mir's Hall of Fame/UFC Resume

I've given Frank Mir a hard time in various points in his career. I'm not crazy about him as a commentator and in the age of the super HW behemoths, he suffered some brutal stoppage losses. What's lost in the mix is that in an age of brain damage inducing HW fights, Mir has a number of submission-related records during his incredibly lengthy tenure and he came back from snapping his femur in a motorcycle accident which tend to forget. Anyway, I'd never fault a man for making money the best way he knows how, and I hope to see him get a few more submissions against lower tier HW's. In an age of strikers or wrestlers, Frank Mir was the lone submission artist before Minotauro came to town but even he is more of a boxer/grappler than pure grappler. 

My hat off to his incredible UFC career and I hope he gets some more feathers in his cap over in Bellator.

Copa Podio MW Grand Prix Results

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bellator Continues Buying UFC Scraps with Viacom $$

If ain't broke, don't fix it. Bellator has cobbled together a brilliant hodge podge of faded UFC stars and former champs, disgruntled title contenders, and it's own legit talent. Full speed ahead!