Friday, August 17, 2018

BJJ Digest 47: Kayla Harrison goes 2-0, Catch Wrestler Still Trolling, et al

As for the calling out of Gordon by this guy whose biggest name win is a former UFC fighter from ages ago....the names I've seen come into Renzo's and get folded up....just on some random weekday morning....if you haven't been to the blue basement and trained, man, you honestly don't know what you're talking about or where you're at. If the money's right, Gordon will do it. Gordon is about getting paid for his time and rightfully so. There's so much back door dealing and claims of so and so offered this amount, screenshot it or show a contract that was sent to Gordon, man. Anything else is just some dude claiming someone was interested in putting on a match. Internet talk man. I like how he's drumming up publicity for himself because a few weeks ago no one had even watched the Catch Wrestling World Championships or whatever it was.

Kayla Harrison Steamrolls Opponent in 2nd MMA Fight

'Twas another dominating performance by the Olympic gold medalist. She showed ground n' pound, takedowns, a need for higher grappling control acumen as her opponent was able to create frantic scrambles and escape during some submission attempts, but altogether, a great performance by the ever improving fighter (who's not been swooped up by the UFC or Bellator). 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Kasai 3 Welterweight GP Groups Announced 

I’m beyond excited for this card Saturday. This whole event is ridiculous from prelims to main card to Grand Prix. 

Lutes will likely advance in his group with a strong takedown game, willingness to disengage and reset endlessly and play the boundaries the way he did at the Kasai qualifier. He also looks like he’s on the "Jesus and hard work" bodybuilding regimen that’s hard to miss. 

I’m having a harder time calling this bracket. Canuto brings a flying armbar, insert any other unpredictable move game, Silverio and Barch have top game and wrestling and Rau has a submission hunting game from bottom, and top/passing. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

BJJ Scout Episode 46 - Shocker! Palhares Unprofessional, Dillon vs Kevin Lee, et al

I've heard some nice ole stories about Palhares not actually making weight when he did ADCC, so I mean, is anyone surprised by anything he does or doesn't do at this point? We got hyped for a freak show, so this is part of it.