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Stuart Cooper (Grappling/MMA/BJJ/Awesome) Youtube Channel

If you want some slick, well-edited, stylish MMA/BJJ/Submission grappling videos for inspiration or to kill time at work HERE YOU GO.

Who Got PED/Steroid Tested at the Pan Ams?

I blogged about it awhile back HERE and HERE:

Got this from over at the Official Blog of Ok! Kimonos which got it from Gabi Garcia herself:
"Gabi Garcia, Andre Galvao, Marcus Buchecha, Roberto Tussa Alencar, Vanessa Oliveira, Luiza Monteiro, Rafael Mendes, Guilherme Mendes and Caio Terra"

MMA and Grappling Multimedia Mailbag: Bellator & Guard Passing

Bellator 94 Highlights:

Guard Passing seminar with Rafael Lovato Jr.
Having seeen his guard passing DVD (I'm currently working through the butt flop pass (ala Terere and Jacare as Lovato gives due in the DVD), I was interested to see the material linked on Graciemag.

First up he addresses the butterfly guard, followed by a more trad'l half-guard pass/deep half guard prevention, a high knee/shield type guard he counters with the Terere/leg weave pass with again some deep half-guard prevention in mind:
Since before I competed at the Pan Ams guard passing has been a priority of mine. That being said, for 30 min's, he hits some concise passes to address various positions. Nothing overly complicated, just solid, clearly articulated technique with emphasis on pressure, an oft neglected element of the top game. I'll be reviwing his Pressure Passing System soon as I found it direct, focused, and easy to implement.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Phil Davis to Vinny Magalhaes: "Wrestling is stronger as an art form."

Phil Davis may be joining the ranks of the Dave Herman/I can't be choked out legion of pro MMA fighters that eschew most Jiu-Jitsu in the face of flex and bust out/athleticism to hide their Jiu-Jitsu deficiencies in 5 minute rounds, without the Gi, vaseline, sweat, blood, and starting on their feet.

I'm sure some of it is playful banter to hype the fight as wrestling vs Jiu-Jitsu.
I'm sure as the bard once said, "much truth is said in jest."
I think Phil Davis also mistake tapping out the likes of Tim Boetsch, Wagner Prado (who clearly had as much experience on the ground as a shark does on land, and getting Alexander Gustafsson in the Swedish mauler's 2nd UFC fight.

I get the feeling Phil honestly has no idea the different stratosphere of Jiu-Jitsu that someone like Vinny Magalhaes brings to MMA. It will be fun to watch though :)

Bernardo Faria vs Buchecha - 2013 Pan Ams Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Bernardo feeds the lapel through the grip, gets to his knees then feet then hits a follow up to his lapel/deep half sweep he normally hits.
Having seen how many high level competitors he uses this grip/lapel against, I have to believe in the efficacy and power/leverage of the grip:

Watch HERE:

To counter, or as a follow-up, Faria will get to both knees/then his feet and hunt for a modified double leg with the lapel grip.

I've seen Faria hit the above sweep and the follow-up you'll see below on everyone from Lovato to DJ Jackson, to countless other black belts, to even now, Buchecha.

Faria pops up HERE with the same lapel through the legs grip and comes up to his feet, beats Buchecha's sprawl, but eventually gets swept and then Buchecha counters the same set up later by hooking under one of Faria's leg.
Still, sweeping Buchecha is no small feat and provides testimony to the power of the grip, position, and technique. EVERYONE knows this is Faria's game, and he still hits it on guys at the elite level.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PAN AMS Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2013 - Interviews

Watch them here: Everyone from "We also interviewed live Marcus Buchecha, Clark Gracie, Caio Terra, Andre Galvao, Beatriz Mesquita, Gabi Garcia, Keenan Cornelius, Michael Liera jr., Xande Ribeiro, Roberto Tussa, Romero Jacare, DJ Jackson, Mackenzie Dern, Guilherme Mendes, Marcelo Garcia, JT Torres, Romulo Barral and Rafael Mendes"

Over at Graciemag :)

DJ Jackson Falls Victim to Bernardo Faria Sweep at Pans 2013

DJ Jackson joins the list of what is many high level competitors:
He falls victim to the concise and very specific game of Bernardo Faria -

Technique (Tues)Day: What I'm Working On In the Gym

I've been devoting another day or two a week to drilling rather than live rolling. Other than in class when mandated by structured class time/my coaches I've never been one much to drill, which I realized is ridiculous considering how much time I've spent in Judo drilling gripping and throwing combinations.

That being said, the following moves have been personal assignments in both drilling and rolling:

Kurt Osiander's DLR sweep from his move of the week series:

Bernardo Faria's sweep he hits time and time again:

And here I am hitting the Faria sweep then after a quick reset hitting the Osiander/DLR sweep:

And the Brabo choke:

Hitting my other homework assignment, the Brabo:

AND another Brabo off of a windmill sweep:


Monday, March 25, 2013

Gypsy Bare Knuckle Boxing Match - Smith vs Mason 2013

B/c it's Monday, and what better day to live vicariously through your hangover/coffee/boredom in the office than by watching (the) real-life version(s) of Snatch?

BJJ Kumite - Pan Am Rematch - AJ Agazarm vs Victor Silveiro

Buchecha Vs Galvao - Pan Am BJJ 2013 Absolute Final

Here it is:

Monday's MMA/Pan Am BJJ Multimedia Mailbag

World Series of Fighting's 2nd event took place. It "happened" is about as much as I can say. It's hard to find relevance in most of the fights, but, MMA on a cable channel (though I spent 20 min's using my smartphone to find it at the Alehouse with my buddy b/c who the *&^% knows what channel NBC Sports Network is on DirecTV?

Anthony Johnson once fought at welterweight (not really making weight, but still. I have to ponder what the long term health effects on his kidneys and metabolism will be that he did that.
Arlovski's chin and mental state have to be drastically effected losing/getting dropped more than once by a non-heavyweight even the likes and size of Anthony Johnson.

Cavalcante's bad luck continues with a cut forcing a stoppage of his fight.
Paulo Filho looked about as non relevant as he possibly could have.
Aaron Simpson got hurt and finished by Josh Burkman who will likely now lose to Jon Fitch when he makes his WSOF debut soon enough, leaving me to wonder who else will get crushed by Jon Fitch following that. Does anyone even know the name of any other welterweight fighters on WSOF's roster?
It's hard for me to be mad or complain too much about a promotion paying guys' bills that don't fit into the UFC for whatever reason, but I have to wonder where else the promotion will go from here. They fed Arlovski his premier fight with WSOF, then bet he would beat Johnson, so now Johnson goes back to LHW, and the first edition of WSOF was a bust for their heavyweight division b/c they banked on Arlovski.

These are the questions a fledgling organization must face and address or turn into a meaningless string of fights with no narrative, no continuity and little if any emotional investment by fans.

Laughable opinion of the day out of Anderson Silva's camp: "GSP has the advantage at 170"
 - The fact that anyone thinks GSP has a shot in hell against a 185'er that's fought as high as light heavyweight (and crushed those guys while looking larger in frame than them) still blows my mind.

Pan-Am Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu results via BJJ Heroes:
"Pan Am Jiu Jitsu 2013 Absolute Division Results
2nd Round
Brent PrimusOliver GeddesN/A
Leandro LoBernardo Filho Choke from mount
Tanner RiceGustavo EliasPoints: 4×4, Ref decision
André GalvaoMax FreitasArmbar
DJ JacksonFelipe MatosAdv: 2×0
Marcus BuchechaN/AChoke
Roberto CyborgLuiz PanzaPoints
Bernardo FariaN/ASubmission
Orlando SanchezJames PuopoloAdv: 4×0
Guto CamposN/APoints: 12×2
Leo NogueiraAlessandro SilvaSubmission
Alexander TransWO
Gabriel VellaMatt JuberaN/A
Marcel GoulartDiego HertzogN/A
Nivaldo OliveiraGuilherme SantosN/A
3rd Round
Winner LoserResult
Marcus AlmeidaMarcel GoulartInverted triangle
Nivaldo OliveiraRoberto CyborgChoke
Orlando SanchezLeandro LoReferee decision
DJ JacksonGabriel VellaPoints: 2×0
Leo NogueiraClark GraciePoints: 6×0
Bernardo FariaBrent PrimusArmlock
Guto CamposAlexander TransPoints
André GalvaoTanner RiceBow & arrow choke
¼ Finals
Winner LoserResult
Marcus AlmeidaGuto CamposPoints: 19×2
Nivaldo OliveiraLeo NogueiraPoints: 2×0
Bernardo FariaDJ JacksonPoints: 12×0
André GalvaoOrlando SanchezReferee decision
½ Finals
Marcus AlmeidaBernardo FariaPoints: 9×2
André GalvaoNivaldo OliveiraPoints: 2×0
ChampionVice ChampionResult
Marcus AlmeidaAndré GalvaoPoints: 4×2

Pan Am Jiu Jitsu 2013 Weight Divisions Results

Full results for the Rooster Weight division, Peso Galo Results – Under 57kg
1rd Round
Takahiko YashiokaRaul MarceloCross choke from back
¼ Finals
Winner LoserResult
Caio TerraWill HaggertyOmoplata
Felipe CostaJoseph CapizziN/A
Bruno MalfacineTakahiko YashiokaArmbar
Fabbio PassosKoji ShibamotoN/A
½ Finals
Bruno MalfacineFelipe CostaSubmission
Caio TerraFabbio PassosReferee decision
ChampionVice ChampionResult
Caio TerraBruno MalfacinePoints: 2×0

Full results for the Feather Weight division, Peso Pena Results – Under 70kg
1st Round
Winner LoserResult
Rubens CharlesJordan CollinsOmoplata
Samir ChantreHeitor FerreiraChoke
Isaque OliveiraEd RamosN/A
Augusto MendesSpenser GuilliamPoints: 15×0
Mario ReisMasahiro IwasakiN/A
QueixinhoItalo LinsN/A
Renato VieiraWellington DiasPoints: 2×0
Rafael MendesWO
¼ Finals
Winner LoserResult
Mario ReisQueixinhoInjury(?)
Augusto MendesIsaque OliveiraN/A
Rubens CharlesSamir ChantreChoke
Rafael MendesRenato VieiraArmbar
½ Finals
Rubens CharlesAugusto MendesPoints
Rafael MendesMario ReisPoints: 2×0
ChampionVice ChampionResult
Rafael MendesRubens CharlesReferee decision

Full results for the Light Weight division, Peso Leve Results – Under 76kg
2nd Round
Gabriel GoulartMalco RelterN/A
Rafael FormigaKim TerraN/A
Yoshinobu KakizawaEdivaldo LanaN/A
Juan Caio KamezawaCarlos PortuguesSubmission
Rodrigo FreitasChoi WonPoints
Caio SilvaLuis MinechelN/A
Oliver GeddesBruno AmaralN/A
3rd Round
Zak MaxwellJuan Caio KamezawaReferee decision
Marcel GoulartOliver GeddesN/A
Rafael FormigaRafael NovaesN/A
Lucas LepriCaio SilvaN/A
JT TorresGabriel GoulartBow & arrow choke
Vinicius MarinhoRodrigo FreitasPoints
Michael LanghiAlexander TransPoints
Nate MendelsohnTanner RiceN/A
¼ Finals
JT TorresNate MendelsohnPoints: 4×0
Michael LanghiYoshinobu KakizawaN/A
Vinicius MarinhoZak MaxwellPoints: 2×2, Adv: 1×0
Lucas LepriMarcel GoulartReferee decision
½ Finals
Michael LanghiJT TorresChoke
Lucas LepriVinicius MarinhoChoke
ChampionVice ChampionResult
Lucas LepriMichael LanghiGentleman’s agreement

Full results for the Middle Weight division, Peso Médio Results – Under 82kg
2nd Round
Tiago Coelho RochaMagid HagePoints
Gabriel RolloBrent PrimusN/A
Marco MachadoJake MackenzieN/A
Nic RubenChris AtkinsN/A
Alessandro FerreiraRomulo MeloN/A
Sean RobertsCarlos RibeiroN/A
Lucas RochaLeo IturraldeN/A
3rd Round
Clark GracieMarco MachadoOmoplata
Otavio SousaNic RubenBow & arrow choke
Kayron GracieRomulo MeloN/A
Vitor HenriqueLucas RochaSubmission
DJ JacksonGabriel RolloAdvantages
Marcelo LapelaMarcus ViniciusPoints
Leandro LoSean RobertsCross choke from mount
Rafael BarbosaTiago RochaN/A
¼ Finals
Clark GracieOtavio SousaPoints
Marcelo LapelaKayron GracieGuillotine
Vitor HenriqueLeandro LoPoints
DJ JacksonRafael BarbosaMão de vaca/wristlock
½ Finals
Marcelo LapelaVitor HenriqueArmbar
Clark GracieDJ JacksonJudges decision
ChampionVice ChampionResult
Clark GracieMarcelo LapelaChoke from omoplata

Full results for the Medium Heavy Weight division, Peso Meio Pesado Results – Under 88kg
2nd Round
Jurandir ConceiçãoAnderson WeslleyN/A
Matt JuberaJason EbarbN/A
3rd Round
Rodrigo FajardoRaul CastilloN/A
Tarsis HumpreysBen BaxterN/A
Diogo Sampaio “Moreno”Ricardo BastosN/A
Guto CamposAlberto AraujoN/A
Abmar BarbosaIan McphersonArmlock
Romulo BarralMatt JuberaPoints
André GalvaoJurandir ConceiçãoArmlock
Renato CardosoFelipe PenaPoints
¼ Finals
André GalvaoRenato CardosoChoke from the back
Guto CamposDiogo Sampaio “Moreno”Points: 2×2, Adv: 2×0
Tarsis HumpreysRodrigo FajardoChoke from the back
Romulo BarralAbmar BarbosaCross face choke
½ Finals
André GalvaoTarsis HumpreysKimura
Guto CamposRomulo BarralPoints: 10×4
ChampionVice ChampionResult
André GalvaoGuto CamposGentleman’s agreement

Full results for the Heavy Weight division, Peso Pesado Results – Under 94kg
2nd Round
Jurandir ConceiçãoAnderson WeslleyN/A
Matt JuberaJason EbarbN/A
3rd Round
Diego HerzogHugo BritoN/A
Nivaldo OliveiraGuilherme SantosPoints: 15×0
Max FreitasHugo BritoN/A
Roberto “Tussa”N/AKimura
Bernardo FilhoRicardo WagnerN/A
Tarcisio JardimDiogo SilvaN/A
¼ Finals
Tarcisio JardimN/AN/A
Lucas LeiteDiego HerzogChoke from the back
Roberto “Tussa”Bernardo FilhoN/A
Nivaldo OliveiraMax FreitasPoints: 4×2
½ Finals
Nivaldo OliveiraLucas LeiteGentlemen’s agreement
Roberto “Tussa”Tarcisio JardimSubmission
ChampionVice ChampionResult
Roberto “Tussa”Nivaldo OliveiraAdvantages

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Bellator 93: Full Video Highlights -

Friday/Weekend Odds & Ends MMA Mailbag

First, a sweet shoulder throw to hammerfist TKO b/c the week is almost over:

And now a co-founder of an MMA organization goes to jail for Terrorism (?) -
"Oh, the places you'll go."

Bellator 93....happened last night. And that's about as well as you can put it.
It was down to 3 of it's original 4 main card fights due to injury with some heavyweights so we didn't get to see wife batterer Brett Rogers (who has a win over Arlovski who fights Anthony "can't make weight or win a high level fight" Johnson) fight some heavyweight you vaguely remember from other Bellator fights and that GIF of the nutsack smash axe kick.

On that note, what was almost positively a dive/thrown fight happened in about 10 seconds with a terrible fake dropping after literally one punch. You be the judge:

World Series of Fighting 2 Card - NBC Network, 930pm tomorrow:
Remember when we had to wait 4-6 weeks for a UFC, now we have MMA on basic cable networks, premium networks, weekly shows like TUF and Cards like Bellator?
"IN CARD (NBC Sports Network, 9:30 p.m. ET)
PRELIMINARY CARD (Untelevised, 7 p.m. ET)
Oh yeah, the Pan-Ams for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are underway. Head on over to Budovideos to watch them day by day and support the birth of modern MMA (kind of a generalization,but whatever).


Anti-Technique of the Week: How NOT to do Seionage in Competition

How NOT to do Seionage (unless you like having your back taken/getting RNC'd):

AND here's a friend of Kurt Osiander Teaching it:

AND here's my version premised off of what I've seen Jacare and Rodolfo Vieira do:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Questions before the 2013 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Pan-Ams

1st, good luck to teammates competing under Team Royce Gracie and personal training partners from Forged Fitness. 

Quick Questions before the Pan Ams - 

Who will take the featherweight crown? 
With guys like Augusto Tanquinho Mendes, "Rubens Cobrinha, Rafael Mendes, Mario Reis ...Wellington Megaton...Isque Paiva, Kim Terra, Osvaldo Moizinho, Italo Lins, Ed Ramos, and Samir Chantre.
Gianni moves to Marcelo -

JT and Keenan to Atos - Acquisition of more guys to win major points in big belt/level divisions. They won't have the depth in numbers of competitors as do Alliance or Gracie Barra, but wow.

The Middleweight Division -
Otavio Sousa vs Kron? Otavio's division houses "Leandro Lo, Kayron Gracie, DJ Jackson, Clark Gracie, Rafael Formiga, Vitor Henrique, Lucas Rocha, Marcelo Mafra" this year  in what will be an absurdly stacked division to be sure. He's also world champion but coming off high profile losses at the Metamoris Pro and the IBJJF Pro League. We'll see if the return to points/format/time limits not as short and not unlimited will have him atop the podium again.

World Series of Fighting 2: Video Preview - Arlovski vs (C)Rumble

In case you aren't and want to be excited for whatever reason, Andrei Arlovski former wanna be pro boxer/UFC HW champion first fiddle to Tim Sylvia's sloppy seconds having of Arlovski's former girlfriend vs Anthony I can't make weight or win when it counts especially if I'm not fighting a guy I outweigh by 30 lbs or more Johnson, this video might make you think it will be a good fight as long as it lasts sorta like the UFC did with making you want to believe GSP wouldn't just do enough to win positionally but would actually stomp Diaz for all the trash talk.
Arlovski in subtitles does drop knowledge about the bad influences that come with winning the belt and the sycophants what will tell you that you're the best, that you don't need to train, that you'll be on top forever.

I can only imagine Arlovski with guys like Travis Browne has and the coaching staff and Jon Jones has improved notably over his previous camps.
It's clear who WSOF is banking on, as (C)Rumble gets like 4 min's of video facetime if that, and Arlovski clocks in at around 11 or 12 minutes of the total. I'm interested to see if (C)Rumble with guys like Tyrone Spong and the Blackzilians can move up to HW and be as formidable.

Judoka in MMA Alert - Karo Parisiyan vs Rick Hawn booked

The two are set to square off at Bellator 95, April 4th

Super Secret Deadly Technique of the Week Vol. 2.5

A follow-up to last week's post HERE.
This time, depending on how the opponent reacts, you slide directly into mount.
Again, this is not my invention, but something my buddy Joseph Lee (the brown belt in the video) showed me:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Path to Success: Felipe Costa

A Jiu-Jitsu competitor I definitely look up to is Felipe Costa.
He had never won a major tournament before black belt and still managed to become a black belt adult world champion.

Monday's Multimedia Mailbag

GSP wins 5 of 5 rounds over Nick Diaz:

Condit and Hendricks put up a great fight. I see Hendricks losing a close decision to GSP.
There's the outside Hendricks catches GSP cold/early in the going, but over 5 rounds, I see Hendricks aggression wearing him out and once he's tired, GSP will probably finish him:

And while it lasted, Ellenberger vs Marquardt was a stand n' bang bonanza:

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Jiu-Jitsu News

Lots going on in the grappling world:
ADCC is going to be in China, whilst there Fabio Gurgel and Ze Mario Sperry will have a superfight, Braulio claims Kron called him a motherf***er at pre-fight press for the GSP/Diaz fight, Pan-Ams are in a few days.

On that note, JT and Keenan have left Lloyd Irvin, Gianni Grippo has left Renzo for Marcelo Garcia

Here's a superb breakdown on the inimitable Neil Adams and how he applies the jujigatame/armbar:

I linked the other III installments, and here's the IVth piece of the 4 week weight cut for IBJJF weigh-ins ala Renato Tavares:

What I've been drilling the past 2 weeks:
Tozi/Sao Paolo/Whatever you call it pass -
and another variation, or I guess the original version I've been incorporating -

And it always helps to watch the best - Gui Mendes with Joel Tudor -

Some more BJJ News/links after the Jump!

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North Carolina Grappling Blog Shoutout(s) & UFC 158 Countdown :)

In an effort to show internet and local (North Carolina) grappling blogger solidarity, here are some links to local grapplers I know and have trained with personally.
Aside from being awesome people and grapplers, there is not quite the dearth of grappling blogging on the internet one might imagine.

Dirty White Belt

Sandhills/Southern Pines BJJ

It's like wrestling, only meaner

UFC 158 Countdown: Full Episode - GSP vs Nick Diaz et al.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Life on the mats

Monday's Multimedia Mailbag

Given the continuing cascade of allegations and exodus of fighters and BJJ players from Team Lloyd Irvin, I have mixed feelings about posting this, but out of I guess a want to see the matches and not wanting to pretend the grappling and effort put forth by the competitors simply did not take place, I'll link the video:

BJJ Kumite - Final Episode

UFC 158 Extended Preview: GSP vs Nick Diaz

Guard Passing Breakdown of Guilherme Mendes by Science of Skill:

Analysis of Rafa Mendes BJJ game with statistics from 2012-2013 by Bishop BJJ:

And on that note, here is Rafa rolling with Paragon's Bill "the Grill" Cooper:

And for those with the Pans and such coming up, Cutting Weight Part III with Renato Tavares:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Super Secret Deadly Technique of the Week Vol. 2 - Takedown to rolling back take

The name of the takedown in Judo is Kouchimakikomi.
Kouchi meaning inner reaping, makikomi meaning roughly rolling through.
This is not my invention, but something my buddy Joseph Lee (the brown belt in the video) showed me. Joseph, myself and a bunch of other training partners went up to visit Sandhills BJJ in Southern Pines, North Carolina and I was asked to show a takedown. I taught a kouchigake style takedown related to this one picture here that does not expose the back.
Joseph then took the kouchi part of the takedown and added a rolling back take/berimbolo-ish flavor to it using the moment of the takedown.

Again, I did not come up with this, rather, Joseph Lee showed this to me.

Friday, March 8, 2013

This Week in MMA Video/News Recap

Bellator 92, from over at
"Magomedrasul Khasbulaev ...survived a first-round low blow from Marlon Sandro ... to mostly dominate the fight and win with a third-round TKO stoppage to move on to the featherweight finals.
...Brett Cooper... was not having a good go of things against Dan Cramer for the first 10 minutes, and likely needing a stoppage in the third to move on, he got it with a big uppercut to end the fight... Doug Marshall... struggle with Sultan Aliev ...but ultimate[ly] move on with a split decision"

If you want some British-based MMA with more stand and bang and less of that lame grappling-man-hugging stuff check out this countdown for Cage Warriors 52:


Jon Fitch unsurprisingly scooped up by World Series of Fighting to join the ranks of other UFC castaways Anthony I Can't Make Weight Johnson and Andrei My ex-girlfriend is dating Tim Sylvia Arlovski.

Diego "the dream" wtf does that even mean? Sanchez vs Takanori my greatest hits came several years ago and while being gogoplata'd by a high out of his mind Nick Diaz who lost to Condit but gets to fight GSP for the belt anyway Gomi:

Wanderlei shows flashes of his old steroid/juiced/bomba rage in a ridiculously awesome fight with Brain Stann:

Hector Lombard blows it again while getting out grappled by Yushin Okami:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rodrigo Caporal via Stuart Cooper, DSTRYRSG,Shoyoroll

Why? Because highlights and short docu-pieces with good music and video editing with insight into the mind and life of a rising star are awesome as *&^%.

Keenan Cornelius and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

In the wake of his departure from Team Lloyd Irvin, here's an interview with Keenan on Jiu-JItsu. Interested to see what continuing for both Lloyd Irvin, the team, and where the higher level guys all go (assuming they leave).

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cutting Weight for BJJ Part II with Renato Tavares

As a follow up to this post HERE, here's Renato Tavares of ATT Top Team Vero Beach with some more information and precision regarding cutting weight for BJJ:

UFC 158 Main Card Bull&*%$

So you want more UFC card each week? Well, this is what you get filling out the PPV cards.

From over at
"UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz
Date: March 16, 2013
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Venue: Bell Centre
Broadcast: Pay-per-view, FX, Facebook
MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view, 10 p.m. ET)

Keenan Cornelius vs Gianni Grippo @ IBJJF Boston Open

Title says it all.
Two of the best at brown belt getting after it at the IBJJF Boston Open: