Thursday, February 28, 2013

Expert Advice: Weight Cutting for BJJ by Renato Tavares

Back in December, whilst visiting my mom, I had the good fortune of training a number of days at American Top Team Vero Beach, headed up by Renato Tavares.
The guy still competes at many IBJJF tournaments, has a bananas wall of badass medals to proof the efficacy of what he teaches, and was super welcoming to me during my stay.
The man has won some tournaments.

That being said, for a guy his age (40ish I believe) he is in ridiculous shape. The guy looks better at his age than I've probably ever looked in my life, even when I was in my early 20's and training for MMA fights.

Having trained and competed and fought in various combat/grappling sports, I take what anyone tells me with a grain of salt. I ask myself, "has this person demonstrated under duress or in competition or at least in a live format the thing they are espousing?"
Weight cutting for the IBJJF with weigh-ins minutes before you compete potentially is NOT the same as cutting weight for wrestling, cutting weight for a local tournament with day before weigh-ins. Nor is it the same as making weight for an amateur MMA fight with 3x3 min rounds. Nor is it the same as a day before weigh-in for a pro MMA bout of 5x5min rounds.
Moving on, this man has done the below, and won so when he speaks, I listen:

Special Secret Deadly Technique of the Day: Osotogarishinagi

The saga continues....the man, the myth, the legend that is James Paredes continues to inspire.

Marcelo Garcia Rolling with Rafael Lovato Jr.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Catch Wrestling Matches: Yes, there are other styles of grappling, "Grappler"

Comprehensive UFC Recently Cut or Signed List

From over at

"table are listed alphabetically.
TotT Name Division Zuffa Record
March 20EnglishTerry EtimLightweight6–5
March 20AmericanJon FitchWelterweight14–3–1
March 20AmericanUlysses GomezFlyweight0–2
March 20AmericanJosh Grispi*Featherweight4–4
March 20AmericanJay HieronWelterweight0–4
March 1AmericanRampage JacksonLight Heavyweight7–5
March 20AmericanC.J. KeithLightweight0–2
March 20BelarussianVladimir MatyushenkoLight Heavyweight7–5
March 20EnglishChe MillsWelterweight2–2
March 21BrazilianDiego Nunes*Featherweight7–4
March 20BrazilianWagner PradoLight Heavyweight0–2 (1 NC)
March 26AmericanMatt RiddleWelterweight8–3 (1 NC)
March 20AmericanMike RussowHeavyweight4–2
March 20BrazilianJorge SantiagoWelterweight1–5
March 13BrazilianCristiane SantosWomen's Bantamweight0–0 (1 NC)
March 20EnglishPaul SassLightweight3–2
March 13AmericanAaron Simpson*Welterweight8–4
March 20AmericanMike StumpfWelterweight0–2
March 20JapaneseMotonobu TezukaBantamweight0–2
March 20NorwegianSimeon ThoresenWelterweight1–2
March 21BrazilianMilton VieiraFeatherweight0–1–1
March 20AmericanJacob VolkmannLightweight6–4

Recent Signings

The fighters listed below have been signed or come out of retirement in the last month, or have yet to make their octagon debut or return. Fighters in this table are listed alphabetically.
TotT Name Division MMA Record
April 6RussianAdlan AmagovWelterweight11–2–1
April 20AmericanRoger BowlingLightweight11–3
March 12AmericanNah-Shon BurrellWelterweight8–2
April 20AmericanDaniel CormierHeavyweight11–0
April 6AmericanRyan CoutureLightweight6–1
UnknownAmericanAlexis DavisWomen's Bantamweight13–5
UnknownDutchGermaine de RandamieWomen's Bantamweight3–2
March 16AmericanNick DiazWelterweight26–8 (1 NC)
UnknownBrazilianGeronimo dos SantosHeavyweight31–14
JulyBrazilianRoger GracieMiddleweight6–1
UnknownAustrianNandor GuelminoHeavyweight11–4–1
April 27AmericanPat HealyLightweight29–16
UnknownAmericanJason HighWelterweight16–3
March 3JapaneseMizuto HirotaFeatherweight14–5–1
UnknownAmericanKurt HolobaughFeatherweight9–1
March 3KoreanKyung Ho KangBantamweight11–6
UnknownBrazilianGuto InocenteLight Heavyweight6–0
UnknownAmericanSarah KaufmanWomen's Bantamweight15–2
UnknownAmericanJulie KedzieWomen's Bantamweight16–11
UnknownAmericanTim KennedyMiddleweight15–4
April 6AmericanRyan LaFlareWelterweight7–0
April 20AmericanLorenz LarkinMiddleweight13–0 (1 NC)
March 3KoreanHyun Gyu LimWelterweight10–3–1
April 20AmericanJorge MasvidalLightweight23–7
UnknownAmericanNate MarquardtWelterweight32–11–2
UnknownBrazilianAdriano MartinsLightweight24–6
April 6IrishConor McGregorFeatherweight12–2
April 27AmericanYancy MedeirosMiddleweight9–0
March 16AmericanJordan MeinWelterweight26–8
April 20AmericanGilbert MelendezLightweight21–2
UnknownAmericanEddie MendezLight Heavyweight7–0–1 (1 NC)
April 6IranianGegard MousasiLight Heavyweight33–3–2
March 16AmericanQuinn MulhernWelterweight18–2
May 25AmericanK.J. NoonsLightweight11–6
UnknownBrazilianAmanda NunesWomen's Bantamweight7–3
May 25AmericanEstevan PayanFeatherweight14–3 (1 NC)
May 18AmericanLuke RockholdMiddleweight10–1
April 20CubanYoel RomeroMiddleweight4–1
UnknownBelgianTarec SaffiedineWelterweight14–3
April 27AmericanOvince St. PreuxLight Heavyweight12–5
May 18BrazilianRonaldo SouzaMiddleweight17–3 (1 NC)
April 6SwedishChris SpangWelterweight5–1
April 13AmericanMiesha TateWomen's Bantamweight13–3
April 20AmericanJosh ThomsonLightweight19–5 (1 NC)
March 3JapaneseKazuki TokudomeLightweight11–3
UnknownAmericanJames VickLightweight4–0
April 27AmericanGian VillanteLight Heavyweight10–3
March 12BrazilianYuri VillefortWelterweight6–1
March 16AmericanBobby VoelkerWelterweight24–8
April 13AmericanCat ZinganoWomen's Bantamweight