Monday, February 9, 2015

What I'm Reading, Watching, Studying....

"Notable Study Stats:
  • 64% of his passes occurred from Half guard
  • 87% win percentage
  • 54% Submission percentage in wins
  • Scored first in 12 of 13 recorded wins in study
  • 2nd highest pass per match rate ever recorded (1.13)
  • His average match length was 7 minutes and 31 seconds
  • 43% of his submissions were chokes from the back
  • 30% of passes were knee through passes
  • Took his opponents back in 46% of wins"
- Much like Gui Mendes (the other best passer documented, Lucas Lepri's highest % pass is knee through, knee slice, and also, he has a number of finishes from the baseball choke. It's good to see Lucas carrying through those techniques to lightweight as a lot of my game is predicated from half-guard passing, to knee on belly to the baseball choke or other variations.

Keenan Passing Chains:

Garry Tonon vs Javier Vasquez @ Gracie Nationals:

Eddie Bravo Invitational - Welterweights

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