Saturday, December 17, 2011

Iron Hook Scroll Vol. 1: Add the Overhook to your Guard Game Grappler!

In honor of my catching someone with the Buddha's fist guillotine for the first time this week

Link to the Buddha's fist Guillotine instructional
Link to my post on the McKenzie-tine variation of the Guillotine

I was unable to start this post before linking/referring to my catching someone in the above guillotine. Lame or not, I was excited that I pulled of something I have continuously failed in trying for months on end.

Anyhow, despite the above tangent, here is the purpose of this post:
I got this from a post over at DSTRYSG.
A great site. Great links, videos, articles, etc.

Here is the actual base/pdf file for those who wish to save it.

At any rate, as a smaller player, coming from Judo, I spent the first few years religiously working off my back. I had the tools often to be on top, or to get to my feet, but I forced myself to learn the nuances of being on my back. 4 or 5 years later, I'm still working on it. But that's the point, you can always learn more.

The overhook mentioned in the above links/Iron Hook business is a powerful grip, that both breaks down the posture, isolates an arm, and leads to chokes, armbars, and/or the triangle.
Not bad for something as potentially simple as overhooking the other guy's arm.

At any rate, the overhook represents a go to part of my guard game, and is a higher percentage finisher/starting point than a lot of other grips which are available. That, and it gives me a level of control over bigger, stronger, faster players that is welcome. The amount of work the other guy has to exert and/or patience he must utilize to escape his arm from the overhook very often opens him up to sweeps, my standing and basing, or submissions etc.

That being said....

Happy Trainingz!

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