Saturday, October 25, 2014

Recent Match Analysis: Purple Belt Featherweight @ Pendergrass Classic

Points scored:
2 takedowns - both foot sweeps
2 guard passes - knee through/leg weave, &  hip bump to pant grip torreando style pass-ish?
1 sweep - half-guard Caio Terra sweep

Points given up:
1 sweep - lapel/half-guard sweep

At bout 2:10 I hit a nice ouchigari to kouchigari into a knee through passing position. Immediately I begin gripping his left pant leg with my right hand and looking for his lapel with my left hand. I prefer a backstep style pass from that position, and use the pant grip (ala the Mendes brothers who do it constantly) to simultaneously look to hit my elbow inside his hip and hunt for my knee through position.
By 3:30 I've taken the real estate/his hip and am ready to knee through pass with my underhook but he escapes and by 3:54 he feeds my lapel through my legs for the dental floss sweep I've heard it called or some form of half-guard style sweep.
I look to counter his sweep with a kimura counter but I let get of the grip prematurely and lose my leverage to come up on top and he very nearly passes because I'm lazy defending his over/under pass position.

I hit what I affectionately call the Caio Terra half-guard sweep. He strips my right hand cross grip from his lapel once but allows me to regain it and doesn't strip it again which leads to the sweep.
I could feel him waning a bit and knew the guard pass would come if I kept up the pressure. I get lazy/over confident and he nearly comes up after tripping my foot but I put him back down with an outside foot sweep then look to leg drag.

I look for my leg drag/single leg hip heist I got from Bruno Frazatto and keep on the pressure to pass. He stays flat on his back without gripping me for a split second too long and I again hip heist/bump and he turns out but it's too late and I hunt for the back but I get too high and/or lazy and I lose it.
I end the match with what I've been looking for which is a leg weave style knee through pass and I pass then get to knee on belly and win the match 12-2.

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