Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grappling and MMA Related News

Turtle Attack --> Double lapel choke from the back ala Luca Lepri
My coach, Billy Dowey teaches a virtually identical turtle attack that I use or attempt virtually anytime I end up addressing the turtle:

Matt Riddle tests positive for Marijuana (Again) - Cut from UFC.
I guess you don't have to be overpaid and have lost to the champion while being dangerous to other younger title contenders to get cut from the UFC ala Jon Fitch.

You might not get to see flyweights fight for the belt on TUF 17's Finale: no word on who might be hurt.

Rough outline of the format for the upcoming Copa Podio team battle/duel between GF Team vs Alliance!

Keenan Cornelius vs Gary Tonon Full Match:

What I'm currently slogging my way through after training:
Judo Grand Prix Dusseldorf 2013. The beginning of years toward the next Olympics and the fine tuning of game plans and shuffling of weight classes by former World Champions and Olympic athletes has begun:

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