Thursday, February 28, 2013

Expert Advice: Weight Cutting for BJJ by Renato Tavares

Back in December, whilst visiting my mom, I had the good fortune of training a number of days at American Top Team Vero Beach, headed up by Renato Tavares.
The guy still competes at many IBJJF tournaments, has a bananas wall of badass medals to proof the efficacy of what he teaches, and was super welcoming to me during my stay.
The man has won some tournaments.

That being said, for a guy his age (40ish I believe) he is in ridiculous shape. The guy looks better at his age than I've probably ever looked in my life, even when I was in my early 20's and training for MMA fights.

Having trained and competed and fought in various combat/grappling sports, I take what anyone tells me with a grain of salt. I ask myself, "has this person demonstrated under duress or in competition or at least in a live format the thing they are espousing?"
Weight cutting for the IBJJF with weigh-ins minutes before you compete potentially is NOT the same as cutting weight for wrestling, cutting weight for a local tournament with day before weigh-ins. Nor is it the same as making weight for an amateur MMA fight with 3x3 min rounds. Nor is it the same as a day before weigh-in for a pro MMA bout of 5x5min rounds.
Moving on, this man has done the below, and won so when he speaks, I listen:

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