Thursday, May 7, 2015

BJJ Weekend: BJJ Library - Saulo & Xande Ribeiro Challenge/Combat Sports Show Introspective, Copa Podio HW Brackets Released,

Small world, but the competitor Brian Mingia is a guy I know personally. He's longtime friends with my former instructor Billy Dowey (both Royce Gracie black belts).
Interested to see this show unfold much more so than the Road to Metamoris bits I've seen honestly.
Glad to see some quality production in a short season style show with a challenge and mini-challenges along the way.

I watched the current season of The Ultimate Fighter Wednesday night with a friend and training partner. It was passable as far as entertainment goes. The antics of the house and the guys cooped up together less so, but with figures like Ricardo Liborio, and Tyrone Spong mixed throughout, it wasn't terrible television (I guess). I haven't owned a TV since early in college when I gave mine to my younger brother and there's enough documentaries and Jiu-Jitsu on the internet to fill my time when I'm not working or training or with my girlfriend.


I don't know if it means I'm a hardcore BJJ enthusiast or a fail as a fan that I'll be reffing a Jiu-Jitsu tournament for Newbreed in Charlotte Saturday rather than watching Copa Podio. I have no desire to watch Metamoris as the card was lackluster with my only original interest in Satoshi vs Clark Gracie and the HW match-up with Cyborg vs Josh Barnett....the comments Ralek made about female grapplers notwithstanding. Now that Ryron will keep it playful with Josh Barnett for what should be about as much fun as teaching a white belt how to tie their belt, I remain wholly unconcerned with missing the event. I am ill that I'll miss Leandro versus Moraes but I don't think it will be competitive in the sense that Leandro has been 100% devoted to Sport Jiu-Jitsu and I expect Moraes to fall much the way of Durhinho whose time in MMA didn't crossover well enough to keep him a step ahead of the every dynamic Leandro. Leandro looked amazing at the Pan, falling only to Bernardo Faria in the finals of the open and made relatively easy work of Keenan at the Abu Dhabi Pro recently as well.

You can see the bracket HERE. 
Erberth Santos who trains at the team whose name we will not mention had a disappointing show at the Brazilian Nationals and faces guys like Tim Spriggs and Vinny Magalhaes on his end of the group. Victor Honorio and Preguica are across the pond on the other side of the bracket/group.

Milton Vieira also has a NoGi match, the brown belt prospect Edwin Najmi competes, and of course Serginho Moraes rounds out the event.

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