Friday, June 19, 2015

Hey Guys! Hey Guys! Ken Shamrock and Kimbo are Fighting Tonight! & UFC Fight NIght 69 Picks

The UFC event tomorrow in some far flung place you've never seen on google maps has all the earmarks of a minefield for gamblers. Guys with questionable records in the EU circuit facing guys with losses against anyone whose name you recognize in the UFC versus guys from those countries that turn out tough fighters like Russia et cetera.

I've made some picks that are not anything I'd put cash behind. There's not a one I'm super certain about save perhaps Amirkhani as I think he's going to get a more durable guy this time to test the waters a bit and Mustafaev has a more impressive record to make me feel good about picking him over Piotr Hallman.

Beyond that, it's honestly anyone's guess.

As for Bellator's fights tonight they're not bad minus the co-main of Ken Shamrock vs Kimbo in a weight mismatch of roughly 30 lbs.
Strauss, Chandler, and Freire are all on the card.

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