Saturday, December 23, 2017

2017 - The Year of the Flee: stalling, passivity, and disengagement in grappling in 2017

Watching ADCC and NoGi Worlds and various sundry superfights.....feel like we need a category for the best flee out of bounds in 2017. The lack of any meaningful physical content in numerous matches has gotten ridiculous. It's must physically be in contact with your opponent to score points or submit. Watching guys flee out of bounds at NoGi Worlds even in the absence of heel hooks was the icing on the cupcake that was this year in disappointing match-ups. Some will call it bias because of where I train, but frankly, it's not. It's hard to justify the repeated disengagement and duration of time where one combatant is clearly not attempting to improve position or submit. Akin to the timer that had to be implement for double guard pulls, nogi competition will likely get a rule in effect if this trend continues. Who legitimately wants to see a professional level athlete shuck and jive and dance around on the periphery for the better part of 6-10 minutes. 

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