Monday, March 16, 2015

IBJJF Pan Results and UFC 185 Dos Anjos vs Pettis Video Highlights

Busy weekend in combat sports: We have a new lightweight UFC Champion and the 2015 Pan Ams as a run-up to the Mundials took place. Some awesome guys I know medaled at brown belt and there were a host of exciting matches to be had.
Dos Anjos came out and did exactly what he said he would do. He also did what few others have been able to do and consistently pressure, batter, walk down, and take down Anthony Pettis. It was a dominating performance and now shakes up the throne in a division Pettis seemed poised to rule with an iron fist. I call it the superfight disease. I've heard far too many guys (and champs) begin to talk of superfights then lose shortly thereafter. At any rate, we'll see what happens with Nurmagomedov vs Cerrone coming soon.


"Lo had four matches until he secured his spot in the final.
Forst he defeated Yuto Hirao and then scored 13-0 on James Puopolo.
The quarterfinal was against Yuri Simões and a sweep was enough for the win in a hair-raising match.
The semifinal put Lo against Leonardo Nogueira, who got there when he defeated Keenan Cornelius with a sweep (2-0).
Lo once again used his incredibly efficient guard play to sweep Nogueira and advance to the final.
On the other side of the bracket, Bernardo Faria first caught Daniel Cobb and then outscore AJ Agazarm 21-7.
The quarterfinal was against Luiz Panza, who had defeated Faria at last year’s Pan.
This time, Bernardo was more careful when on top and managed to pass Panza’s guard to win 9-4.
In the semifinal, Bernardo once again relied on his favorite deep half guard game to sweep Alex Trans and secure his spot in the final.."
"In the male open class final, Bernardo Faria also had the size advantage over Leandro Lo.
The match was close at first with Lo managing a good sweep, but around the 5-minute mark, Faria was able to pass guard and finish from the north-south position."

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