Monday, November 28, 2011

Triangulo-Armbar-y assault ends in Kneebar: Mamed Khalidov vs Jesse Taylor Edition

No, seriously. Why?

Walked in Monday morning to work and booted up my laptop to kill some time at work/watch several of the MMA fights I missed this weekend. This weekend I was pretty busy playing Gears of War (which I bought pre-owned for XBOX on Black Friday. Go 'Merica!!!).

It was a busy weekend splitting time between doing nothing and killing the Locust Horde while intermittently cursing my TV and lack of skill with the XBOX controller.

At any rate, the video below is 90 seconds worth of grappling with a bevy of triangle/armbar submission attempts from the bottom by Mamed Khalidov versus Jesse Taylor (most known for getting wasted at a casino, breaking glass, and insulting a woman while drunk on The Ultimate Fighter show. Keep it classy!)

At any rate, Taylor wastes no time getting a double leg, putting his head on Khalidov's chest and seemingly settling for a ground and pound decision.

Unfortunately for Mr. Taylor, the lack of sweat, his lack of posture, and Khalidov's dearth of BJJ fundamentals leads to some near missed armbar/triangles and finally caps with a pretty textbook turtle roll/scramble to kneebar following an armbar attempt.

All inside the first round, and all inside of 90 seconds.
It's the kind of transition you see on a DVD/instructional and think, "man, I dunno. The guy should f'ing know if i turtle then I may go for the leg...and he will hammerfist my head into the canvas while I latch onto his leg, then he'll pass or worse yet take my back."
Well....someone didn't send the memo to Mr. Taylor.

Jump to 7:52 for the start of the brief and sweet fight.

Having tried this transition probably 50 times and hit it perhaps 4 times in Gi and NoGi, it's pretty badass to see this guy hit it inside of 90 seconds on a professional fighter. You can tell by the 2nd or 3rd armbar attempt that's pretty deep as Taylor tries to pull out of the triangle, that Mr. Taylor's submission survival clock is ticking down to "0:00".

That being said, Saturday at open mat, I was rolling with a white belt.
I'd hurt my knee pretty severely earlier in the week so I was just happy to roll around on the mat. At any rate, I finally hit guard, got one hand deep in the collar and collar choked him with the first collar choke I learned in Judo. At any rate, he asked about how to defend the collar choke with his hands, what to do once the choke was set, and I told him the best way as taught to me by one of my coaches is "don't be there in the first place." My coach wasn't being facetious, he just meant that good posture will avoid many submissions before they start. Good posture avoids danger(s) and good posture leads to passing. Passing leads to control/position. Position leads to submission(s).

At any rate, it's interesting to see basics and semi-basics lead to a quick and relatively punishment-avoiding submission in MMA. Taylor is no world beater, but he's not a guy making his pro debut either.

Happy Trainingz!

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