Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Need an Old Priest and a Young Priest

Been sick as a dog this week.
Got a stomach flu and I've been simultaneously puking and shitting my brains out for the past several days.

I also got word from my doctor that my knee injury isn't of the "train through it" or "take time off" variety.
It's of the torn ACL variety.

Not the start to my 2012 competition/training year I had planned, to be sure.
To battle off the depression that strikes when I don't train on a daily basis due to sickness, and the depression that strikes when I think about not training for anywhere from 4-9 months after ACL reconstruction, I've been watching documentaries and the like.

Below, is a good one with none other than the inimitable Kurt Osiander. A former teammate/training partner of mine actually trains with him in San Francisco and feeds me quotable quotes by Mr. Osiander via Facebook.

Happy Trainingz and go get some for me b/c I can't.

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