Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 4 of 7 on Attacking Below the Belt: Mata Leon Grip the Ankle

I don't actually hit the straight ankle lock in the Gi (with regularity). I prefer the Comprido, or figure four toe hold.
That being said, when I do hit the straight ankle lock, I've found using a grip more like an RNC grip provides more control, torque and ultimately leads to more submissions.One thingI have noticed is that the ankle lock  where you simply clasp hands/latch the free hand over the hand trapping the foot/ankle in the armpit has not proven as successful for me in rolling.

Regular Straight Ankle lock Grip: note the foot in armpit, and typically the hands will lock together. In the picture below the left hand is grabbing the lapel, and the competitor will over then grip his left hand with his right hand. then go belly down and apply pressure/curl the foot and toes back.
RNC-style Grip -
Granted, the above picture is not a full RNC grip, but it affords more control and locks the ankle into place with more control.
When possible, I get almost a full RNC grip where my arm locking the ankle into the armpit actually grips my other bicep.

While we're on the Straight Ankle Lock, a short seminar style video about the ankle lock is here by Lucio Linhares, former UFC fighter.

Happy Trainingz!

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