Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Otavio Sousa - Follow-Up

I first mentioned Otavio Sousa on here in this post, HERE.
I had first seen Otavio cutting a swath through the brown belt division at the 2007 Mundials until ultimately losing to Kron (he gave up position by chasing a kneebar....ah, a pain I know too well).

At any rate, he's been doing big things since his showing against Kron nearly 5 years ago.
He's been granted his faixa preta, and recently won both his weight class and the absolute at black belt in the NY Open.

Graciemag has a piece HERE about him.
"The highlight of the event was Gracie Barra’s Ot├ívio Sousa, who won the middleweight and absolute divisions by beating, respectively, Clark Gracie and Rafael Formiga, the absolute champion from the previous year."

Here's his website as well.
Based on the comments on Graciemag and other places, the guy is incredibly well-liked.

Happy Trainingz!

B/c highlight reels are cool, here's the 2009 Pan Am Black Belt Adult Finals :)

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