Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Free Cagefighting/Face Punching Weekend: MTV2, FX and such.

In case you missed it, some mildly if not somehow necessary exciting match-ups take place this weekend on free TV.
I'll be looking to see Dave Jansen win the lightweight tournament final in Bellator after 2 other impressive wins. The guy has only gotten better since the WEC and he truly seems to be putting his skillsets together as his IQ in the cage continues to improve.

In other news, Toquinho Palhares the "Simple Jack" of the UFC, takes on the winner of the most disappointing UFC debut in recent memory award Hector Lombard.

In UFC TUF/Smashes wtf does that even &^%$ing mean? One guy that won't ever likely fight for the title (Ross Pearson) is taking on a guy that was once about to get a title shot yes, I know that's about as definite as the likelihood of Barnett making his way back after multiple hot piss tests for teh ROIDZ, but has since lost 2 fights in convincing fashion (G. Sotiropolous).

Saturday has some mildly interesting match-ups with Mitrione I'm too busy for VADA testing, suuuuuuuure bro taking on Big Mac/Country Nelson, Jamie Varner vs Melvin the tomato can opener but chokes against legit top level contenders Guillard, as well as Poirer who was once a shot away from Aldo but now fights TUF Alumni Jonothan Brookins instead.
Bellator 84 -
Friday -
MTV2 - 8pm
Friday -
FX - 9pm

Saturday -
FX - 9pm

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