Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday's TUF Finale Multimedia Mailbag

Busy MMA weekend.
Some interesting match-ups in ze UFC, some coaches actually fought for what seems like the first time in several years.

There were some impressive stoppages and some careers saw resurgence while others seem to have taken a step or two backward.

First up, Big Country finishes Mitrione for the first time in his career:

Pat Barry extends his impressive HL reel KO ways to keep his mild relevance in the UFC HW division

Poirer who was once poised to fight Jose Aldo, finishes Jonothan Brookins via Brabo/head n' arm strangle

A new Russian Import, Rustam Habilov, suplexes then pounds out his opponent.

And some quick Bellator highlights. I'm still upset Jansen didn't get to have his fight with Marcin Held b/c it was in a casino and he's not 21.
Le sigh.

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