Thursday, April 3, 2014

Upcoming Tournament Schedule: NC State Championships 04/05, IBJJF New York Open 04/12

Saturday, I'll be working with the always awesome and professional folks at US Grappling. I'll be referee interning, table working, helping set up, and competing at purple belt featherweight for the NC State Championships. They run an excellent tournament that is a blast to do and by far the best run tournament/organization I've been to. Even their submission only events run in a timely fashion.

Assuming registration is still open tomorrow and not capped, I'll also be registering for my first purple belt tournament at the IBJJF level for the New York Open next weekend.

Big kid stuff, I know.
December I moved up to purple belt and I know this New York Open will be a big step up in competition, but life is short and there's no time like the present. If you wait until you feel like you're ready, you'll never pull the trigger.

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