Friday, May 23, 2014

Keep Training: Jiu-Jitsu by Stuart Cooper

Just came off training 7 days in a row.
Now I rest.
I find the last few days of a long stretch of training are when I learn the most. I lose my athleticism and strength (not that I have a lot of those attributes). I have to press through and stay focused and not let doubt and fear creep into my game. I have to let go of my ego and pride. What I lose in speed or energy or strength I gain in my reaction time and sensitivity and timing. The machine is running ahead of time, ahead of my own awareness. It becomes far more subconscious and my game unfolds naturally rather than clouded by my insistence on move X or move Y while ignoring the current situation unfolding between my partner and I.
I personally advocate over training.
I advocate training to the point where there's nothing left and then going past that.
You will be surprised by what you find on the other side. On the other side of fear and doubt, you'll find peace and far more success than your negative self doubts and beliefs would have you believe.
I train until I have no desire whatsoever to train, then I take a day sometimes two off and put Jiu-Jitsu far from mind as I can (it's never far), and return refreshed.
Keep training.
Enjoy your memorial day weekend.


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