Monday, May 19, 2014

UFC 173: Countdown Videos for Dillashaw vs Barao, Cormier vs Henderson, Lawler vs Ellenberger

I'm actually pretty interested in this trio of fights. I felt Lawler exposed Hendricks as what he has become a largely one-dimensional fighter unwilling to more effectively utilize his wrestling and rather just wing a big shot occasionally in an attempt to win.

I say that as an admitted Lawler fan but not one invested emotionally in the idea of him having become champion.
I think this fight will say a lot about Lawler and whether he will get another shot at the belt. Cormier has a chance to face a non-TRT Henderson in a fight I see involving a lot of Henderson trying to tie up Cormier against the fence and a lot of Cormier trying to get the fight to the ground somewhere around the center of the octagon. Dillashaw, while more impressive with each outing, I have a hard time believing has the chops to dethroned Barao who just looks too good in every single aspect of fighting inside the cage.

Anyhow, enjoy:

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