Sunday, August 2, 2015

Boxing, WSOF, & UFC 190 Hangover: Really Right or Totally Wrong (and some serious complaining)

Maia dragged Magny down even faster than I had bet.
Shogun looked sharp when he wasn't wobbled in the first.

Minotauro had Struve down but didn't keep him there.
Soa had Bigfoot about out from top half-guard punches and didn't press for the finish then took a hard uppercut in the 2nd and folded. I saw my money get up and walk out the door when Soa just leaned back against the cage and took those punches from "Pezao".

It's called gambling for a reason. Soa came out and looked more gunshy than I expected. He immediately took to taking poor half-asses shots/leg grabs and it worked in the first but he ate an uppercut looking at the ground in the 2nd.

On to my real beef with the broadcast:
So it's post 1am...and I'm finally getting the walkout for Rousey.
Let me preface by saying I spent my afternoon at a wedding in a suit and I was tired from the heat.
That being said, I almost never have a Saturday off to watch the fights and with money riding on the fights, I wanted to be excited and enjoy it.
By midnight, both my buddy and myself were routinely yawning.
Not one, but TWO Brazil TUF fights (a series literally almost NO ONE in the USA would have seen fight) stood between the beginning and the end of the main card.
It didn't help that Minotauro looked flat.
Bigfoot just sucked less than Soa.
The girl fight was everything about why I don't watch women MMA fights. This is main card women's MMA? Heralded, unheralded, whatever. It was a fight that might make for an entertaining amateur level scrap in men's MMA, and before you get butthurt, this is about equality. Women and others harp about equal pay, then we can't ignore the giant elephant in the room that is the quality of women's MMA fights is simply less.

Bigfoot seemed revived in the second and I guess that's a fight to watch. Minotauro did his best old Thomas the Train impression and though he took shots well his output wasn't high enough, he didn't have enough pop, Struve took shots that landed well and kept the fight where he needed to be. Minotauro seemed too weak to get Struve down (granted the dude is 7 ft. tall) and Rogerio simply didn't put together nearly enough volume to beat Shogun.

Rousey showed how astronomically far ahead he is of her division.
She's more dominant than Fedor. Fedor had occasional moments of vulnerability (Randleman, CroCop) that made his fights so thrilling. Also, the level of destruction he meted out was like watching slow-motion car crashes in compilation.
I'm not faulting Rousey for being so much better at fighting than apparently any other woman walking the earth, I'm just saying it's hard to be thrilled for 30 seconds of rock 'em sock 'em robots after I've been standing for over 3 hours and the main card was less than thrilling.

In other news, Malignaggi got stopped by a merciful referee, and Jake Shields got Kimura'd in a fight that may cost Palhares the belt. 
In other semi-related news, Nick/Nate Diaz got into a fracas with Khabib Nurmagomedov in Vegas. 

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