Monday, June 30, 2014

UFC 175 Countdown Video: Weidman vs Machida, Rousey vs Davis

This weekend looms a return to the octagon for two of the more polarizing title holders in the UFC: Weidman with his back to back wins over Silva, arguably the GOAT, and Rousey whose dominance is not so much in question but rather her combative personality and penchant for outlandish statements.

I'm more interested in what would've happened had a pre-TRT ban Belfort faced the plodding stand-up of Weidman, but we don't live in that parallel universe, so we get Machida vs Weidman. Machida has slick stand-up when he wants to pick people apart, good movement, and has looked sharp and even more agile at this drop to 185.

As for Rousey, having seen her dismantle Sara McMann (probably one of the few women in MMA with the grappling chops comparable to Rousey), I hate to rain on the parade of selling this as even mildly competitive, but Rousey will armbar Davis in a round perhaps 2 at best.
Gotta call a spade a spade sometimes. That being said, Weidman coming off of some ring rust, facing Machida is a legitimate title fight to headline a PPV.

In other fights on the card, Stefan Struve returns from a potentially fight ending heart condition and faces Team Jumper Matt Mitrione, Alex Caceres who has surprised many with his abilities following his TUF season faces a HUGE jump in competition in the form of Urijah Faber.
The main card is rounded out by marcus Brimage and Urijah Hall facing foes respectively.
Overall, hardly a PPV worthy card, but hey, two UFC happened at the same time last weekend as well. I guess, that's something?


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