Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Deconstructing the Fail: Bull City Brawl 16/Purple Belt Superfight

Tough match. Weight discrepancy aside, I didn't chain together my open guard attacks nor was I persistent enough in getting off the bottom and he was better at sticking to his gameplan/series of passes than I was at chaining together my sweeps from open guard. I have no one to blame but myself.

Win or learn.

At :40 I hit a nice deep DLR to sweep/come up on top. I wanted the backtake but he defended and conceded the sweep, but I don't removed my initial DLR hook/actually I remember him gripping that ankle and feeling like I couldn't extricate it.

1:00 I shoot the same bullet from my arsenal but he's hip to it this time and it's no dice. I set up my cross grip and look for my usual half-guard up/over the top sweep but he's heavy and hips back and doesn't bite when I push into him.

1:41 I don't invert as quickly as I should when he isolates my right hip and I'm forced to turtle to avoid giving up the pass

1:47 I beat the backtake and look for a butterfly sweep, but he's got a stockier build and is heavier enough to bit his hips/turn them down and negate my lift and use it to initiate a pass

2:28: I let him crowd my hooks and he runs my legs to chain into his next passing attempt

3:30 I use his back take to come up on top, then circle to north south but I let him get under me and he spins for a back take I miss some opportunities to shoot my omoplata as I come out of inverting that honestly I need to back and have someone better than me look at because I had been hitting it in training during my preparation(s).

6:00 I get to closed guard to look to finish with a minute left, feed the lapel, hand over the back/collar to attack the neck and set up and armbar/keylock, but as he defends I shoot underneath to windmill sweep but he posts out/and I miss the transition.

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