Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bernardo Faria Talks 10,000 Hours and Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers

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I picked up the sweep to over/under pass from Bernardo Faria when I was a blue belt. Coming off of ACL surgery, and drilled it for weeks and weeks and weeks on end. I managed to win a number of divisions at blue belt with the exact same gameplan: pull half-guard,

"“In my opinion, to know a lot of techniques is not the hardest part. Everyone can know a lot of techniques if you really study Jiu-Jitsu. But I think the hardest part is knowing a technique so well that you are able to use in any situation at any time. Like Malcolm Gladwell explains in his book Outliers regarding the ten thousand hours needed to find success, the hardest part is to spend the ten thousand hours on something. As long as you spend a lot of time on one thing then you can become an expert on that one thing. I think what many people do is they change a lot and they don’t focus on one game.
So I think that’s what I’ve done. I have probably spent ten thousand hours doing half guard. ”"

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