Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Morning UFC 181 Hangover/Productivity Killer

I actually thought Hendricks fought better this time than the last time. He shot takedowns. He landed leg kicks as part of his combinations.
It was clear at other times he was just pressing Lawler against the cage and getting his head "tucked deep beneath Lawler's legs" for his efforts.

I thought Lawler won the first time but didn't get the nod.
I thought Hendricks won the second time but didn't get the nod.
At least Hendricks tried to do some wrestling. Lawler for his credit took virtually no damage when taken down.
It's hard for me to be bent out of shape when it's this close and a guy who I think undeservingly got the nod last time gets it this time.
C'est la vie. 

Overall, I enjoyed watching the card with my buddy and avoided the morass of people drunkenly watching it out socially/downtown.

Pettis showed that he has that killer instinct when it matters. Finishing a guy like Melendez for the first time in his career and doing it via submission is truly something else. Pettis wasn't landing shots that aesthetically looked big, but Melendez did look concussed a bit during the post fight interview. Pettis was dialing in his precision and speed as the fight wore on and despite some faltering in the first round, getting stifled a bit, the game plan came through and he put away the best contender out there not named Nurmagomedov.
I think despite Nurmagomedov's grappling prowess, Pettis is too precise for him on the feet. Pettis' speed kills and his precision and power in short shots looks ever improving.

I was enjoying the Faber/Rivera fight before the eye poke.

At any rate, I enjoyed the card far more than I had most as of late.

I'll likely miss the UFC on Fox card this weekend due to reffing and competing for the awesome folks at US Grappling Submission Only Richmond. 

It will be my 13th time competing this year, and frankly, I'm a bit burned out.
I'm going in with literally no expectations and it feels good to know I'll be competing with no self-induced pressure.

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