Tuesday, July 7, 2015

So I Visited Unity BJJ - NYC

One of the greatest things about Jiu-Jitsu is that you can feasibly train with your heroes/idols.
It's not like I can show up at a pick-up game/practice and square up with Michael Jordan or have him cross me up and dunk on me.

I dropped in at the open Pro Training at Unity BJJ recently. I rolled with both Miyao brothers. They both let me think I was doing some things and work a bit then effortlessly showed why they're two of the best competitive black belts in the world.
It's surreal to be mounted by Paulo Miyao and look over and see Joao Miyao rolling nearby with Murilo Santana. Their work ethic is nothing short of Spartan.

Do not show up in a double weave Gi. Unity BJJ felt like a sauna when I walked in and immediately reminded me of summer Judo practice in the wrestling room at UNC back when I was a competitive brown belt/black with two hour randori practice.

The Miyao brothers stopped briefly at times to get a sip of water and had been drilling for at least an hour plus when I showed up. Murilo Santana is the same. They were drenched in sweat and that's completely understating it.
Murilo was being photographed/interviewed for Five Grappling's upcoming NoGi invitational. The New York Open is also coming up soon which no doubt the Miyao brothers will do.

Whatever some might chalk up to attributes, their work ethic and dedication to the grind is staggering.  
Save for some scattered Portuguese, they rarely stopped other than to walk and get water quickly between rounds then it was back to "good training" and "oss," slap hands and go.

If you're in town stop by. Everyone was very cool and every blue, purple, and brown belt I rolled with was solid, technical, there to train hard and made no excuses.

If you're in NYC, stop by. They were super welcoming and it was no frills tough training.

Can't recommend it highly enough.

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