Monday, July 13, 2015

This is Why It's Called Gambling/Post UFC 189 Thoughts

Well, Lawler won me $135 and McGregor won me another $80.
That plus my draftkings account and 4 pools netted me $235 or so for the night of fights.
Other than Seery's fight, and if you count the televised and PPV fights, I called all of my picks correctly.

Rory MacDonald may never be the same. Let me just say that and move on.
He did not stand up to Lawler's punches in this fight. Be it a rough training camp, or simply a guy who started too young, I don't know....his face fell apart from blows that honestly didn't seem as heavy as the first fight, but perhaps Lawler's longer time at ATT is reaping benefits further still.

McGregor did get taken down, but how much is getting taken down by arguably the best FW wrestler really showing us?
It's like saying GSP took someone down. He took everyone down.
I don't know that it spells disaster for McGregor to be taken down by the best takedown guy in the entire division, but I can do without the clearly and painfully obviously scripted WWF style backstage run-in he had with Faber who the next day it's announced they'll be coaching guys on a TUF season (but won't fight, so who cares?)

So much for Team Alpha Male's claim that their guys are in shape year round.
Mendes looked faded midway through round 1 and his offensive output (never normally high) was even less starting out in this fight. His takedowns were well-timed, but was gassed on the feet once McGregor escaped and McGregor put him away once he tagged him.
McGregor smells blood and guys who are hurt simply do not get away. It really is a thing of beauty to see that finishing instinct/killer instinct.

I had Gunnar dragging a weary Brandon Thatch down in the 3rd and quickly finishing him once there, but Gunnar's lighting fast 1-2 did the job and led to the end. A huge turnaround for a guy who got battered by a southpaw/Rick Story last time.

The night was awesome with a main card that truly and overwhelmingly lived up to its potential and then some for both casual and hardcore fans alike.
I admittedly missed the TUF Finale last night but intend to watch the Mir/Duffee card on Wednesday as it's during a non-weekend night so I won't be working.

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