Friday, April 15, 2016

Alliance, Atos, & Exodus: Leaving the Team and the Historical Commonplace (Heresy!)

Read Alliance's history and keep this in mind any time someone gives you shit for leaving a team.
Granted, gym hopping every 6 months will earn you no long term friends in jiujitsu.
I left a gym after nearly 9 years of being a member. I represented them in 5 MMA bouts, Judo tournaments, and countless Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.
When the time came to leave, it was time to leave. Period. Anyone who wants to call you a traitor after 9 years of being somewhere is making some laughable assumptions at best or being disingenuous at worst. I must have missed the class on "how to be a traitor" when I was bleeding in a cage representing the gym 5 times,  or helping guys get ready for fights and paying dues to one gym for between 1/4 -1/3 of the years I've been on this earth.

That personal anecdote aside, let's look at the historical basis for all these Jiu-Jitsu stalwarts and loyalty do or die and see if it stands up to the truth test?

The term "creonte" refers to guys the gym was paying for them to train, compete, literally giving them a place to sleep et cetera, guys on "scholarship as it were."

This is America. As a paying customer, the market determines many things. 
As much as I ascribe to some of the old school mentality I was first taught in Judo with the bowing and the rest, a foolish adherence to misapplied ideals is every bit as destructive as maliciously applied selfishness. Study the history rather than blindly buy into blanket generalizations regarding someone who doesn't tow the line or rarionalize the status quo :

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