Thursday, April 14, 2016

So I tried Bulletproof Coffee

Maybe it's because I take in about 32
Oz of coffee per day. Usually a grande in the morning and one in the afternoon. Maybe it's because I sometimes buy pourover coffee that my bar of being impressed by coffee is set higher. 
If I'm working all night downtown or up early on an hour or two of sleep to drive 3-5 hours to a tournament and ref/compete et cetera, I'll drink more than that and buy whatever coffee I can find on the road or brew my own strong brew. 

My honest opinion of the vaunted bulletproof coffee is that it's coffee you'll prefer if you don't like the taste of coffee and don't like to sip your coffee over a long period of time as the taste is smoother and the caffeine more packed into a smaller amount of liquid. 

The slight butter/coconut oil taste is pleasant and I am a huge fan of grass fed butter. But is it super amazing? I'm unconvinced. I have always semi dislikes the coconut oil after taste in anything but I'll take the bitter almost burned taste of coffee and smell over bulletproof coffee any day of the week. Likely, the acidity of bulletproof for your body's PH is much lower, but I take in enough juice, fruit, vegetables et cetera (and no longer consume any alcohol) that it doesn't matter. 
I mean, cold pressed juice is delicious, and yes I prefer it, but I'm unsold on the marketing for that and for this type of coffee. Beyond that, try it for yourself. I still like/prefer to brew my own coffee and add some kosher salt to it, a trick my department advisor from the district taught me back when I taught high school. 

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