Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sapateiro Invitational - Full Event (and some expedited leg lock history)

For the uninitiated in/on Jiu-Jitsu history, "sapateiro" is a reference to those with an affinity for foot/leg locks. Supposedly, those guys from the suburbs were able to win some high profile matches over the city boys in an early jiu-jitsu rivalry by using the disdainful foot locks and the term "sapateiro" is the word for "cobbler" in Portuguese, ie: a low class/laboring profession. Leg locks have also thus/likewise been a more commonly used part of luta livre, the Brazilian version of submission grappling with a broader support base in the less wealthy of Brazil. Class difference remains a deeply inundated part of Brazilian culture (like much of the world if you open your eyes) and the divide I saw between the haves and have nots during the time I visited was very apparent whether in the city or by the ocean. I remember the bizarre realization after being repeatedly told that it's simply not safe to be out at night even in a small group in some of the even larger cities. Those that can afford it, in Recife for example, live in tall buildings/apartment complexes surrounded by barb wire and/or electrified wire. Each and every time you come and go in your car, there's a guy who sits downstairs and lets you in and out. 24 hours a day.

That being said, taps are taps, and in fighting, grappling, whatever, pressure, choke, submission hold, whatever-the-*&^%-it-is counts at the end of the day, however cheap you'd like to label it.

That being said, enjoy: all of the rounds are linked here for your viewing pleasure: Click HERE.

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