Sunday, February 11, 2018

Here Comes the Fear Parade: Points VS Sub Only

Been waiting for it to start, frankly, as the pace of matches/events like EBI appeals more to casual grappling/mma fans than does for example the black belt GI worlds matches at the IBJJF each year. The arrival of EBI/sub only formats will of course engender some naysayers and detractors as does anything in human life that challenges the status quo. 

The IBJJF and its format (aside from every other year's ADCC) was the only real show in town for decades. It took me quite awhile in training JiuJitsu to even watch black belt GI matches. The pace of matches at times is excruciating and the gentlemen's agreements across teams et cetera proves hard to stomach for an audience, and even as a competitor because it feels anticlimactic. 
I don't have much emotional investment in the argument beyond being interested to watch the ping pong argument of varying rule sets put forth by devotees of ether side. 

It's interesting though to see the bleak reality that for years and years guys complained the IBJJF didn't pay for winning Worlds, but remain unwilling to compete in EBI where there is upwards of $20,000 to be won for less matches (4) and arguably less talent (so they say) for winning at the black belt level. There's a lot of talk about EBI and the skill level et cetera, but as of yet, it's proved a tough nut to crack...and if the skill level is lower, why don't more world champs show up to win cold, hard cash? What has also arguably become clear is that positions given such prominence in scoring like the mount or passing the guard or knee on belly don't translate into high finishing potential against skilled grapplers (in NoGi anyway). Combat JiuJitsu is an interesting addition in watching how strikes, even just palm strikes change the game and the dynamic. 

This isn't an exhaustive waxing poetic about the shortcomings or accolades of either, just my current thoughts as the debate begins to to speed up. 

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