Monday, March 18, 2019

Gripfighting for BJJ - Episode 4: Cross Collar/Collar Drag Grip Counter

The cross collar grip is arguably the most powerful tool in gripfighting. It is both defensive and offensive. In Judo, it is among the grips from which you are required to attack almost immediately or relinquish the grip (in order to keep the flow of attacks moving and avoid a stalling game of counter-attacks).

The cross collar proves even more effective in BJJ due to the bent over posture and flat feet of many competitors. Where they fail is in allowing their opponent to grip them with both hands as well, or worse yet, in allowing a neutral cross grip to become establish. Here, I address having been beaten to the cross grip/collar drag grip, and I've added a competition example where I strip the grip, then follow up with an ouchigari + kouchigari to score 2 points for the takedown.

For any novice to intermediate level competitor, I strictly coach them to stop everything and address this grip. Later on, with more tools in the toolbox you can elect to grip in some other ways to take advantage of the posture of your opponent and prey on the grip specifically.

For further viewing, below is my original piece on the cross collar/snapdown Seoinage. I was saying more folks should be using this grip back when I was a blue belt, and I cover the reasons why in the video, as well as some of the movement and motion to create to off balance your opponent to maximize the success rate of the throw:

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