Sunday, May 24, 2020

Gripfighting for BJJ Playlist - Reality > Theory

Realized I should put together some longer sequences of gripfighting from matches of mine to show the sequence of what it looks like in real time with resets by the referee, the boundary, and the pace and flow of a match:

Created a playlist for the 4 Episodes of gripfighting basics for BJJ.
The topics in the playlist include:
Episode 1 - Basic gripfighting vs defensive posture
Episode 2.1 - Stripping the Lapel Grip
Episode 2.2 - Lapel Wrap Omoplata Counter to lapel grip
Episode 3 - Addressing the Fist Punch grip (knuckles down sleeve grip)
Episode 4 - Cross Collar Grip Counter
Episode 5 - Gripfighting in Competition

Frustratingly enough the individual episodes I've put together don't come up very well in searches for gripfighting on YouTube's algorhythm. What you'll get when you search "gripfighting for BJJ" is the usual suspects of Kesting, Keenan, and a smattering of other folks who having not seen them use any of the things they're showing in actual competition, nor their students, who knows if it works.

I had a wrestling coach whose mantra was always "the truth is what works," and as a result, if it's not replicable in a duress/competitve setting against competent opposition, I'm not interested.
The same ethos applies to these 14 part grip switching fluff leg lock series you see on Instagram. By the 4th transition on a leg entanglement anyone with even remotely competent skills will have escaped their knee to a likely safe position.

At any rate, the basics I show come from my background in Judo, but more importantly come from having competed in Brazilian JiuJitsu for the past 10 years. 2009 I began competing in BJJ in the Gi.
The concepts and grips below anticipate the gripping tendencies of opponents in JiuJitsu.
Even more crucially, there are no gripping restrictions or parameters (other than no fingers inside the sleeve or pant) AND your opponent in JiuJitsu can at any point in time decide to simply sit down. When you're watching Judo you are watching the product of a multitude of gripping and time limit restrictions on how long you can keep a particular grip without attacking (3 seconds at best, but basically almost immediately in the eyes of the ref).

Keep this in mind when watching Judo for BJJ and other theories espoused by folks on this topic.

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