Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ADCC 2011/Some BJJ Documentaries to grapplify your Day

The world's most prestigious NoGi Tournament (really the precursor to the Abu Dhabi Pro as well) takes place this weekend. Budovideos will be livestreaming the broadcast for 24.95 if you order now, $30 if you order last minute.

The hopes of Roger meeting Rodolfo somewhere in the bracket died after King Mo knocked Roger out in the first round of their Strikeforce bout.
But, the Superfight between Braulio and Jacare will go on. Renzo Gracie will also be having a Superfight with Ze Mario Sperry. Sperry's old @ 44 years of age, but it's easy to forget, Renzo is roughly the same age. For both, I'm sure the snake still has its venom. Renzo looked atrocious against Matt Hughes in his Abu Dhabi UFC bout, but then this is submission grappling, not Mixed Martial Arts from which Renzo had been away from for quite awhile.

Documentaries for Zee Grapplerz in all of us:
The documentary, "Day of the Zen" about Sperry was (along with Rickson's "Choke" - kinda the original BJJ documentary) one of the first BJJ documentaries/videos I saw other than the first couple UFC's.
Speaking of documentaries, "Legacy" is a relatively new documentary following Renzo for about 10 years or so. It's in the vein of "Choke" but has it's own flair and behind the scenes stuff you'd expect from the locker room. I personally prefer both "Day of the Zen" and "Choke" but moreso b/c they are classics than b/c "Legacy" falls short in any regard.
AND one more documentary for the classics, "Smashing Machine" following the wild and absurd days of Pride and the rise/fall/addiction of Mark Kerr is a great film/documentary regardless of its relation to MMA/vale tudo.

On to some Documentary Links for the day.....

The full documentary on Googlevideo: "Choke" - Rickson Gracie
The full documentary on youtube: "The Smashing Machine"- Mark Kerr
The full documentary on youtube: "Day of the Zen" - Mario Sperry

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