Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Move of the Day: Paulista Pass

Guy who trained at my gym for awhile came from a Ralph Gracie school. I looked up the gym, and the instructor, and lo and behold, the guy puts out simple, effective video clips.

Sticking with the theme of yesterday's mention about when I came from Judo and began learning BJJ separately: the following clip is a pass to sidemount I've been using a lot since I watched it a few months ago. I first learned this pass early on in Judo, probably about 6 years ago. I was taught the pass with a regular sleeve/lapel grip immediately following a failed throw/when the opponent falls to his side type scenario.

The cross grip shown here lends itself to a lot of passing power/control in the Gi + can set up a sweet "simple choke" as the guy points out. It's worked for me against small, big, and everything in between size guys. Can't hate on that.

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