Monday, September 19, 2011

Jiu-Jitsu in MMA: The McKenzie-tine that didn't happen :***(

Here's a link to Vagner Rocha vs. Cody McKenzie from Saturday's UFC. 
Some high level BJJ/mat work taking place. 
If the above doesn't work, try this one 

For the armhunter/triangle fans out there - check out TJ Waldburger's textbook spinning armbar to triangle finish here

Rocah's standup is passable at best. His leg kick bonanza via Cerrone showed holes in his game, but unless you've got great striking, that will happen against Cerrone based on his pro kickboxing background.
I have digressed...

The players:
McKenzie: likable everyman character coming off a cardio-induced RNC loss to long-time veteran Yves Edwards
Rocha: recently leg kicked into a living death (thanks Ken Shamrock) by Donal Cerrone

The outcome: mata leon/Rear naked choke loss for the 2nd time in a row for McKenzie :(

McKenzie goes for the guillotine arm in and arm out at a couple points int he fight, but once he's on bottom he's in deep water. Rocha keeps top position and looks hard for the kimura. McKenzie nearly sweeps with the butterfly hooks but never gets hit time on top to test Rocha's bottom game. In looking to escape, he gives up the back and Rocha capitalizes. The D'Arce Rocha had earlier looked deep, but you only get some many get out of jail free cards against a black belt like Rocha and he gets the choke.

Note the way Rocha trapped McKenzie's arm with what I call the seatbelt grip, where it's pinned behind him. Great pposition for passing, dishing out punishment or to set up a submission from the top.

Happy trainingz.

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