Friday, September 16, 2011

Drysdale, Roger, Bigfoot Silva out of ADCC :**(

The full article is here @ Graciemag.

Drysdale is the latest high profile competitor (they kind of all are high profile if they're at the ADCC, but I digress....) to withdraw from the vaunted biannual competition.

Now is the winter of our discontent.
After Rodolfo's past year at the top of the mountain due to Roger Gracie's absence, there was hopefully going to be their first showdown.

In the past week (thanks Strikeforce and guys thinking they can fight MMA one weekend and a few weeks later compete in the most prestigious NoGi grappling event in the world) we've lost Roger Gracie and Bigfoot Silva from the tournament. I don't know how many grapplerz out there on the interwebz were looking forward to Bigfoot squashing another heavyweight in half-guard, but not having Roger in the tournament to potentially face Rodolfo sucks.

Fortunately, Jacare who's been off doing MMA is still going to face Braulio in something that based on interwebz youtube videos, Braulio's been preparing for this whole time.
Think I read that Braulio's something like 0-4 against Jacare, but perhaps with Jacare's attention on MMA for the past year or so, Braulio can finally take a bite out of Jacare's resume.

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