Friday, September 2, 2011

Technique of the Week: Pedro's Ouchi Gari

This is probably one of the best instructionals I've seen on this throw. Period. I've used this in the Gi and also in NoGi. I've hit this with 16 0z. gloves on, in sparring, doing mma style sparring, etc.

The throw works. You read on forums about how Judo doesn't work for MMA. Like I said, I've pulled this off with gloves on, gi, and nogi, and hit it in the blue belt Gi, and intermediate NoGi division in submission only tournament before more than once.
I usually hit it in NoGi from a bodylock rather than an over/under tie up position, but try the different grips with a partner and find the one that feels right for you. It's (for me anyway) a relatively low risk throw from Judo that works from a variety of grips, bodylock, and clinch positions. Even if the Ouchi Gari fails, it gets the guy moving, gets him off balance and lets me step behind him for an outside trip.

Over/Under grip:
However, I personally prefer to hit the bodylock grip whenever possible, in NoGi or in MMA style sparring/in a fight. I feel it afford far more control, better control of his hips, and nearly always leads to my scoring a takedown. It also minimizes the number of knee strikes he can effectively land on me.

Body Lock:

Clearly the bodylock in the above is more of a set up for an outside trip/tani otoshi type throw, but the bodylock to me in my fights and in sparring with wrestlers, Judo players, mma fighters, is the most powerful position in the clinch. What I lose in the variety of strikes available by taking the bodylock I gain in control and efficiency with getting the takedown.

Cheers. Go Train.

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