Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Andre Galvao despises Stallers, I'm Back from Brazil, & IBJJF TV - Episode 3: Chicago Winter Open

Matt Horwich if I'm not mistaken (from the IFL and other organizations, in the Gi).
Btw, here's a quick segment on Mr. Horwich, who is truly, a one of a kind individual.

From over at Graciemag, Andre Galvao says, "...Jiu-Jitsu is made for fighting, not stalling. Jiu-Jitsu these days is full of stallers who fight to be able to say they didn’t tap to so-and-so".

Settled back in from my trip/training in Brazil.
Back full swing into the grind for the Pan Ams.

The biggest thing I took from training in Brazil was the attitude that in large part, it's better to roll hard 3 rounds, then rest for 5 then go hard for another 3 rounds than just roll for 30 min's straight at about 70%.
I was told at both gyms I trained at to rest and then come back again strong ("forte", in Portuguese I think), rather than bullshit around and roll super relaxed.

When it comes to training for tournaments, this was made very clear to me.

I'd heard and been told that Gracie Barra is uptight and anal retentive about stuff.
My experience in Pernambuco was positive. Off the mat, most of the guys were friendly and welcoming. On the mat, however, when it came time to roll, the vast majority were playing for keeps. Friends would roll with a more relaxed pass, but the rest were rolling full out. Despite the heat and humidity, the rolling was pretty much 100%. They're more particular about things like keeping your Gi/Kimono top on while you're on the mat (and off), but a number of the higher belts took the time to ask me to roll and work with me.
I'm surmising that the reputation Gracie Barra has gotten is largely exaggerated. Their BJJ is legit. Their blue belts were all good. Every one of them. The purples and above were completely  beyond my abilities.
Their attitude and training is professional. They had extensive warm-ups, the class was structured, the white belts were separated, and my hypothesis is that in large part they are reshaping the poor reputation Jiu-Jitsu had for a time in Brazil as being troublemakers and fighting in the streets. Ze Radiola, took the time to personally come over, shake my hand, invite me back, ask about my trip to Brazil.

On to some video/BJJ/grappling goodness for your Wednesday:
IBJJF TV - Episode 3: Chicago Winter Open

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