Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mais Gianni Grippo & mais training in Brazil

Again, one to can only assume his faixa preta is on its way.
Been training as much as I can here.

It's not much in the way of tips or tricks or moves, but details.
Been hearing every 5 min's that my hips/but/d*ck are not low enough.
Pressure and squeezing and active hips are the 3 secrets to solid Jiu-Jitsu from what I keep hearing.

Been rolling a lot with purple, brown, and black belts.
The lower belts are actually outnumbered by the higher belts where I'm training here in Brazil.
Former world champs, pan-am champs, cbjje champs et cetera. it's pretty humbling, but good to see the fundamentals and positions I learned back home were well taught and effective.

The guys here have been super welcoming and super friendly. The lower belts roll like it's the mundials. Not sure if this is b/c I'm a gringo or just in general. The upper belts match however I roll and if I start to advance, quickly do just enough to put things back where they want them.

The juice, and the meat, and the vegetables all seem to be much more fresh here. I haven't been taking protein or weight gain or anything else as a suppplement other than my usual vitamins and some fish oil, and glucosamine/chondroitin, but I feel good.
The toughest thing to adapt to is the humidity/heat during day training. A single weave is the only way to go if you're training during the day. At night, a double weave is passable, but I'm used to long Judo workouts in wrestling rooms with a double weave. I definitely wouldn't recommend it for everyone.

Missing training tonight, going to a soccer game. But back at it again early tomorrow.

Bom dia and happy trainingz!

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