Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Morning Blast From the Past: Jordon Schultz (versus Lucas Lepri)

A complete breakdown of my thoughts/review of training in Brazil is coming.
Got back yesterday afternoon, spent the day packing up my apartment as my significant other and myself are also moving out of our apartment in a day or so.
Busy couple days after more than a week abroad.
And I'm back at work bright and early this morning.

At any rate, on a grappling note, awhile back I featured an insightful/motivational interview (Click Here for the interview/omoplata sweep he details) with Jordon Schultz (Click Here for his website) of Team Lloyd Irvin.
My []Dost of his featuring the interview (originally from Submission Control) and a sweet omoplata/Gi sweep I've managed to used in training is above and worth going back over. He suffers no excuses and places the locus of control for a grappler's motivation squarely on the grappler. 

Recently, up north at the World Pro Trials, Jordon had a match with Alliance's Lucas Lepri.

It's good to see him in the mix at the elite level and running up against a guy like Lucas Lepri (who won the Mundials his first year as a faixa preta).

The game-changing moment comes near 2:31, when Lepri drags the right leg past, briefly into side control as Schultz turns away/gives the back and Lepri immediately sets his first hook while having at least one lapel grip with his right hand, then eventually finishes with what appears to be a double lapel choke from the back after trapping one of Schultz's arms.

Good stuff and good to see someone I profiled/featured popping up at the elite level against a former World Champ like Lucas Lepri.

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