Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gear Review: Cageside Gi Pants

Put this up over at Sherdog and given that Black Friday is tomorrow.....

I finally managed to tear the crotch in my Mizuno Gi Pants, so I picked up a pair of Cageside Premium Gi Pants with Rip Stop material in the inseam. Been wearing them for the past week or so at Judo and Jiu-Jitsu.
Let me preface by saying I've historically only worn Mizuno double weave, Fuji single weave, and Vulkan single weave Gi pants in the past.

Having had 2 of the pairs of pants (Fuji and Vulkan) tear or wear out considerably sooner than the jacket convinced me to try the pants with rip stop material.
Fit: wears like a Vulkan in terms of fit. Not super slim, but not the MC Hammer fitting loose parachute pants you sometimes get when you order solo Gi pants from various brands.

Material: Very soft. Even softer than my Vulkan Gi pants which are pretty comfortable.

Quality: The stitching looks tight and consistent. I've had pants come in the past that before I even washed them, a few of the stitches looked loose or were hanging loose and I figured they would eventually come undone.

Drying Time: Comparable to my Vulkan single weave Gi pants. If I wash them and hang them dry before bed, they are dry by class the next night.

Price: On sale for $23.50 right now. 10 or 12 bucks cheaper than what you'd pay for a comparable pair of Fuji Gi pants, but the quality for the Cageside is much higher as is the material and stitching.
one side note: If you go "free form" underneath your Gi pants, you might want to get some vale tudo shorts or something to wear underneath. The rip stop material plus someone's shin plus your crotch is not entirely comfortable (not that it ever is).

Here they are.

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